President Trump: Freedom Is Not a Gift From Government, Freedom Is a Gift From God


President Trump’s speech Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast was inspiring for many. The most hopeful words in his speech were the words, “freedom is not a gift from government, freedom is a gift from God”. For some, natural right would be substituted for God, but it means the same in the end. It is not the right of government.

President Trump said supporters’ faith and prayer have “sustained” him and given him strength. The five words that touch his heart are “I’m praying for you Mr. President”.

The President talked of being inspired by the military.

The President said, “Those of us in Washington must never ever stop asking God for his wisdom to do his will.” He promised to get rid of the Johnson Amendment so reverends, pastors, imams, rabbis, and others running churches can speak freely on political matters.

There were no insults directed at Christians.

The left got their soundbite with which to attack the President.

When he joked about how people should pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on The Apprentice, social media lit up to attack Trump. On Twitter the left is calling him an embarrassment.

Arnold promptly responded and said via a Twitter video, “Hey Donald. I have a great idea. Why don’t we switch jobs? You take over TV, cause you’re such an expert in ratings. And I take over your job, so that people can finally sleep comfortably again.”

The left has gone wild over the joke. CNN actually brought in their left-wing psychologists to psychoanalyze Trump. They claim he’s mentally ill for making that joke.

Any excuse. They were never bothered by Obama’s nasty jokes.

Maybe they should riot again, burn some more things, hurt some more Republicans. They can do that while calling their opponents fascist.

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