President Trump Hits His Highest Rating Ever in NBC/WallStJournal Poll


In a poll that traditionally shows President Trump doing poorly compared with other polls, he has jumped ahead of Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency. In the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, his approval numbers are at 47 percent while Obama’s were 45 percent.

That number conforms to the Rasmussen Daily polling of Trump’s approval rating on Friday.

The new NBC/WSJ poll found voters more energized than they have been for years, with 72 percent of Democrats telling pollsters they are very interested in the upcoming election as 68 percent of Republicans said the same.

“Midterms are about mobilization, and we are headed into the stretch run with unprecedented enthusiasm among both parties,” Democratic pollster Fred Yang told NBC.

The President is far more popular than the Democrats and the press want you to believe. He hit these numbers despite constant battering in the press. He draws tens of thousands at every rally, The upcoming rally in Houston has drawn over 100,000.

The media would have us all believe that everyone hates Trump but that isn’t the truth. They want us all to believe he is an illegitimate President who won because Russians hijacked the election. Most people see through that, but not the coastal elites, of course, who want permanent dominion over the rest of us.

Voting for democrats is a vote for open borders and many more and larger cartel-run caravans. It’s a vote for freebies to include illegal aliens. With Democrats, we will vote away our freedoms. Half the country knows it.



  1. The DemocRAT party has degenerated into a mob of vile, vicious, violent, hate-filled, lying, cheating, crooked thugs led by the likes of Nasty Pelosi, Chuck U. Schumer and Mad Maxine Waters. If you want to save our Constitution and our freedoms, NEVER vote for a DemocRAT again. The DemocRATic partly needs to self destruct and be replace by a party of rational people who actually have working brains and love the United States of America and our Constitution. Urge all of your Republican, Independent, Conservative friends and others to get out and vote Republican to save this nation. Urge them to urge others. NEVER vote for a DemocRAT, the future of your children and grand children depend on it.

    Portland Antifa

  2. The left is using all the wrong tools to peel support from the Donald. Coastal elites, academics, Hollywood freaks and indentured college grads think Amy Schumer and Madonna will appeal to Trumpets…..

    It’s an echo chamber of hate and loathing for Middle White Christian America…. they just don’t know how to “fix” us.

    But I think we are winning… because there is plenty of anger within the former Progressive Left – at the jack boot tactics of the DNC.,…. selective outrage, double and triple standards for comportment – the dishonesty and muscle of Google, WikiPedia, Facebook, Instagram and Paypay…

    the left has become the Weimar Republic of Germany in 1933

  3. Unhappily, it is the ‘teachers’, the ‘professors’ and the ‘media’ who have been brainwashed into ‘thinking’ (I use the verb casually!) that they are not a part of CIVIL-ization. That EACH is a dictatress unto herself and are fully capable of running a country. The basis for all of this MIS-information is based in the hypnosis provided by the ‘educational’ force that has taken over all of the schoolrooms in America, starting in the 1960’s. Did you know that the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ is taught in our grammar schools? BUT CHRISTIANITY IS NOT!
    ALL teaching should now be private, with vouchers for the students’ parents to decide.

    • Better vote like your and your families lives depend on it…it does!!! Christianity has been crucified by the media and Islam “cauterized” over the last 40+ years…if you’ve been paying attention!!! Red Tsunami next month!!!

  4. If faker-than-CNN NBC “news” and the “never Trump” WSJ ran this poll, it must mean Trump’s approval is something like 63 percent while Obama’s was likely around 35 percent at the same point.

    Maybe I exaggerate, and maybe not. With all their obfuscation and biased weighting and methodology, the reality is probably nearer my estimation than theirs.

    Remember that under Obama the Democrats lost something like 1100+ political offices even as the media was touting his great popularity and calling the protracted recession (more like a borderline depression) an “economic recovery.”

    Yeah, we’re pretty much weary and jaded of their “spin.”

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