President Trump nominated for 3rd Nobel Peace Prize for the Trump Doctrine


President Trump will be nominated for a third Nobel Peace Prize by for his extraordinary peace doctrine. It was expounded upon last night by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Sky News Australia reports:

Eminent law professor David Flint is among four Australian law professors who are nominating US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of the “Trump Doctrine”.

Only members of a national parliament or law professors are able to nominate others for the Nobel Peace Prize with President Trump already receiving two nominations for his promotion of peace in the Middle-East.

Professor Flint told Sky News host Alan Jones the Trump Doctrine is “something extraordinary” and is emblematic of the two things which guide the president. “He has, firstly, common sense, and he is only guided by national interest … and therefore an interest in the western alliance,” he said.

“What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans.”


It’s not simply the Middle East. Kosovo recently gave President Trump the Order of Freedom for his role in securing a deal with Serbia. It is a big deal, not a mirage as some US media reported.

Kosovo gave President Trump one of its highest honors for his role in a historic economic normalization deal with Serbia earlier this month.


A brief excerpt:

This is the full clip:



  1. “he has decided he would no longer have America in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans.”

    No wonder the left and globalists hate him, they love pointless forever wars.

  2. I am for Trump, and these nominations are awesome as well. Still I have to ask, how did Fauci beguile him? He destroyed our economy and lives. It is inexcusable and yet there it is. Fauci, is Wormtongue. He should go to jail for the national destruction resulting from his fake pandemic.

    • Fauci was a landmine, an experience bureaucrat tied to the system and Democrat interests. Trump had to handle him as if he were nito and sweating even once he realized what he was doing, which he probably didn’t realize in the beginning.

    • I expect that at the beginning, no one knew just how bad the virus would be – especially with reports out of Wuhan of people collapsing in the streets and that (found to be defective) model out of G.Britain that was projecting 1918 type of case loads. Now he is kind of stuck because if he backs off people will claim it’s all politics. Notice that he is quietly walking back a lot – really, just about the only thing left to do is to end the EO making this a national emergency. Think about all the Karens running around wearing masks while driving solo or walking outside with no one withing half a mile of them. Just think of the shrieking there would be from those types if he were to declare the emergency over. Hell, they’re alrady trying to tie all the Covid and faux-Covid deaths on him already.

  3. President Trump has earned every single nomination and should be awarded the prize. The liberals at the Nobel Commission are working day and night to try to figure out how to deny the president the prize.

    The sound of leftist’s heads exploding can be heard all over the world.

  4. Unfortunately the Nobel Piece Prize was made completely invalid when they gave it to the feckless, piece of human excrement, Bath-house Barry Hussein Obumbler for doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. Maybe by giving it to President Trump, will restore some dignity back to the prize.

  5. The NOBEL Peace Prize is just a Participation trophy since OBlowme received it for doing 0 and being black!! It’s a F joke! But thanks anyway guys. Alfred Nobel is twisting in his tomb over what this honorable award once meant and what all the A*skissers have done to it!

  6. Only ‘law professors’ from the general public?! Seems like a ludicrously narrow, unlikely bunch from which to form a credible selection committee. No wonder some of the nominees seem so weird. Explains how ‘do nothing Barry’ got selected: They would favor lawyers wouldn’t they?

  7. Each delicious Leftist meltdown over American success achieved by Trump just further exposes their absolutely lunacy and underscores the
    depth of Democrat desire for America to do badly.

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