President Trump Pulls Out of the Paris Treaty, He Is President of the U.S., Not France


The climate change battle between the globalists and the nationalists has been decided. The nationalists won this one. President Donald Trump has put an end to U.S. participation in the Paris climate change treaty. This is a re-establishment of our sovereignty and our national rights to determine our economy.

As the President said, he is the president of the United States, not France. He’s representing “Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

Anyone who has read the Paris agreement/treaty knows that it had nothing to do with climate and everything to do with redistributing our wealth and resources.

The President began his address Thursday by talking about the boom in our economy since he took office.

The United States, he said, will have a level playing field without this treaty. It disadvantages the American worker to the benefit of foreign countries in his view.

President Trump invited the Democrats to join him in negotiating a new climate deal that does not seriously harm the U.S. and put the burden of implementation on the U.S.

It was put into place by the former administration to the great detriment of U.S. manufacturing and energy.

It does not live up to our environmental ideals and punishes the United States.

It could be that our economic competitors want to see us continue to suffer from this self-inflicted wound.

Even if every nation fully complied, it would only amount to 2/10ths in decrease in global temperature by 2100. And other nations will not comply.

China’s production alone will wipe out all of America’s gains after losing jobs and spending trillions.

We will continue to be the most environmentally-conscious and cleanest of nations but we will not put our businesses out of work.

President Trump addressed the redistribution of wealth and the Green Climate Fund. He called it a scam.This is on top of all the money we already send to foreign governments.

The U.S. has already provided a billion that came from the funds for the war on terror.

The treaty was never ratified by the Senate and has always been in violation of our Constitution. While Barack Obama, in collusion with the U.N., called it an accord, every other country that signed on to it – 193 nations – called it a treaty.

The left is going wild, along with the foreign nations that were to benefit by the treaty, at our expense.

Almost all agree, on all sides of the debate, that the Paris treaty was an imperfect deal.

The left sees the benefit in that it is the first time they’ve gotten China to agree to any such deal. However, China is not even going to do anything until 2030 and are building a coal plant every other week.

Russia didn’t even sign it and all of a sudden, they claim to be behind it.

The Paris treaty was an economic disaster for the U.S. in terms of the amount of money we had to pour into it to the strangling of our economy and the loss of jobs. It would cost the U.S. $2-and a-half trillion over 20 years for starters.

It was wealth redistribution. China and India could take off and continue polluting, it paid poor nations to stay poor.

Trump is fulfilling the promise he made during his campaign by ending this bad deal.

The treaty is not serious and includes no proof of climate impact. The climate treaty would do nothing to reduce earth’s temperatures in reality

This was an economic suicide pact rushed in to get it through before Obama was out of office.

The U.S. is environmentally responsible. Fracking and technology has helped the U.S. lead the way in reducing carbon emissions. We have reduced carbon emissions by 12% since 2006 and will continue on this path.

Social justice does not take precedence over the survival of the U.S. economy. The fact that other nations want it is not a reason for us to be in it. Every five years, the noose would tighten on the U.S. and we’d never extricate ourselves from it.

Keep in mind that not one major prediction over the last fifty years of climate hysteria has come to pass.

The nations of the world promise to fight the U.S. and they will be helped by the leftists in the U.S. It won’t be easy dealing with the fallout but the President has the upper hand.

The Murdochs are big climate change proponents and you won’t hear too many in the media actively supporting the President even on Fox News.

Rand Paul has called the Paris treaty a scam.  “Why would we sign an agreement that puts us at an economic disadvantage?” he asks.

This was a global governance issue. Are we going to govern ourselves here or cede governance to a global authority?

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