President Trump rejects Fauci’s claim the NFL can’t restart


Donald Trump sent a message to Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday in response to the doctor saying the NFL could only come back in a bubble.

The longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said it may be impossible for the NFL and college football to safely go forward with their seasons in 2020.

Trump turned around and expressed confidence that pro football would happen as scheduled and vowed to tune out if any players refuse to stand for the national anthem.

“Tony Fauci has nothing to do with NFL Football,” the president tweeted. They are planning a very safe and controlled opening. However, if they don’t stand for our National Anthem and our Great American Flag, I won’t be watching!!!”

On Thursday, Fauci told CNN that football teams would need to emulate the “bubble” protocols adopted by the NBA and MLS in order to proceed. Even then, he said, it may not be safe given the inherent full-contact nature of a sport Fauci has described as a “perfect setup” to spread Covid-19.


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