Trump rally is on! Curfew is lifted in Tulsa!


The curfew was lifted in Tulsa in time for the President’s rally. In addition, the state Supreme Court is allowing the rally to go without social distancing.

Two residents sued, claiming the rally would become a ‘super spreader’ of the virus. They had no such problem with the protests/riots.

Dr. Fauci was interviewed on CNN this week and said Americans are anti-science and anti-authority. That isn’t it at all. The participants will wear the masks and have their temperatures taken, but they have had enough of the lockdown — come what may. If the protesters could march around without social distancing and without a major outbreak, this should be alright too.

Joe Biden should have a rally also and get out of the basement.


Tulsa officials have rescinded a curfew tied to President Trump’s controversial rally [controversial for the left] scheduled there Saturday in an extraordinary reversal that came after Trump spoke with the city’s mayor.

“I just spoke to the highly respected Mayor of Tulsa, G.T. Bynum, who informed me there will be no curfew (((tonight or tomorrow))) for our many supporters attending the #MAGA Rally. Enjoy yourselves – thank you to Mayor Bynum!” Trump tweeted on Friday, hours before he was set to touch down for the pivotal campaign event.


Hours before, the mayor instituted a curfew upon hearing radical groups planned to descend on the rally. That was a problem for attendees, many of whom have been lined up for days at the BOK Center in anticipation of the rally.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday denied a request for a temporary injunction to block the BOK Center in Tulsa from hosting President Donald Trump’s campaign rally Saturday.

The justices cited a lack of any mandatory language in the state’s reopening plan, which provides social distancing guidelines for entertainment venues.

Attorneys in Tulsa filed a lawsuit earlier this week on behalf of two businesses and two residents to stop ASM Global, which manages the 19,000-seat arena, from hosting the rally “to protect against a substantial, imminent, and deadly risk to the community.”


The Trump campaign said it will check attendees’ temperature as they come in, provide hand sanitizer and issue masks but not require they be worn. Tickets to the rally come with a liability waiver that says the campaign or other parties associated with the event cannot be held liable for exposure to the coronavirus.

In addition, the BOK Center will provide personal protective gear to event staff, periodically clean and disinfect the arena during the rally, and install plexiglass partitions at all concessions stands.

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt said earlier this week that people concerned about the spread of COVID-19 at the rally should stay home.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

Tulsa had better rent jail space for the ANTIFA & BLM rioters who we know will show up to cause trouble. Problem for them at this event is there’s a new sheriff in town and Sheriff Trump isn’t going to put up with their childish rioting.