President Trump severs ties with WHO, cancels all special treatment policies with Hong Kong


The US will sever all ties with the World Health Organization (WHO), President Trump said today during his presser in the Rose Garden. China has complete control of the WHO, he said. Because WHO didn’t respond by reforming, the US will redivert all funds to needy organizations globally.

Mr. Trump condemned the malfeasance of the Chinese government in the pandemic.

He will also safeguard universities and deport some Chinese students. Chinese companies will be studied with the goal of protecting American investors.

The President talked about the takeover of Hong Kong, noting that it is a violation of provisions in the declaration of 1984. The declaration has 27 years to go. It is a “tragedy” for the people of Hong Kong, China, and the people of the world, he said.

China reversed the freedoms in Hong Kong, once a bastion of liberty. Therefore, the U.S will no longer afford the territory its special treatment. The administration will eliminate policy exemptions that give Hong Kong special treatment. All agreements with Hong Kong from extradition to dual-use technology and more will be reviewed. Travel advisories will be revised. Hong Kong’s special treatment as a separate territory from China will be canceled.

The PRC and Beijing will be sanctioned for “smothering Hong Kong’s freedom.” Actions will be strong and meaningful.

The hope was that China would move towards Hong Kong’s freedom. The opposite has taken place.

The President did not take questions. He is a very strong president.

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  1. Keep an eye on the South China sea, it could get interesting.
    Ever get the feeling that God has taken notice of the wickedness taking place in the USA?
    I’m not exempt as being in the flesh means sin and it was my generation who checked out and let things rot when we could have nipped it in the bud.
    A NYC fighter is just the right guy at just the right time.
    Lil’ Sorrows and the UN are playing for keeps and it is not a good time for a CPUSA RAT at the helm.

  2. Chinese companies will be studied with the goal of protecting American investors.
    But, but, but, what about all the investments GM and Chrysler made for manufacturing in China with bailout money supposedly to keep those companies from filing bankruptcy (it happened anyway) to protect their American employees’ jobs? What’s going to happen to their investments when mean old Donald Trump actually protects Americans and American jobs unlike Clinton, Bush and Obama who only gave lip service?

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