Geraldo Rivera Sticks Up for Trump Over the ‘3,000 Deaths’ in Puerto Rico


President Trump put tremendous resources into Puerto Rico after two devastating hurricanes. The island’s people suffer from corrupt leadership and a failing infrastructure. When Hurricane Maria hit in particular, the terrible conditions rose to crisis level.

The President couldn’t visit Puerto Rico immediately because the emergency teams asked him to stay away due to conditions on the island. Democrats and the media harshly criticized him for not going. The President went as soon as the officials cleared the visit.

Supplies, food, water were kept hidden from the residents of the island and in some cases, sold by corrupt officials. And 70 percent of the infrastructure was out before the storm.

Still, Democrats, to seal the Puerto Rican vote, have continuously accused him of abandoning the 3 million people on the island. Trump is fighting back because he knows Democrats are looking to make the storm into his Katrina. It worked so well against the docile George W. Bush.

Democrats make everything political.


Trump tweeted: “The story of Puerto Rico is the rebuilding that has occurred. The President has done an extraordinary job of cleanup, rebuilding electrical stuff and everything else.” @EdRollins “The people of Puerto Rico have one of the most corrupt governments in our country.” @LouDobbs

He also quoted Geraldo Rivera’s statement about the failed infrastructure before the storm.

Geraldo Rivera stuck up for President Trump on Puerto Rico. The Fox News commentator wrote, “pisses me off watching commentators blaming @POTUS for 3000 hurricane related deaths in #PuertoRico these folks Never wrote or reported anything about PR. There is total ignorance or avoidance of fact power grid was in chaos Power Authority bankrupt & corrupt before #Maria hit.”


Lou Dobbs, hated by the left, is so normal. He explains the ridiculous figures being thrown out to inflate the death toll in PR in this clip. The Democrats hope the invented death toll flies, but it’s absurd.


President Trump has announced plans to visit areas affected by Hurricane Florence. He has wisely tweeted over and over about the extensive help being sent to the areas. It won’t matter to the media. Prior to the hurricane, the President was blamed by the Washington Post editorial board for causing hurricanes. He was even blamed for the aftermath by Rep. Gutierrez two days before the hurricane hit.

The hysterics blame Trump for the hurricane

The climate change hysterics are out blaming him. Governor Brown called Trump a liar, a criminal, and a fool at a Global Initiative gathering hosted by former New York mayor Bloomberg.

Joe Biden mocked the President for not being a climate hysteric.

And, without any evidence at all, Al Gore blamed climate change for hurricane Florence.

The former vice president insulted people who deny climate change, comparing them unfavorably to President Trump’s much-criticized denial of the death count in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.

“Some people evidently can still deny the reality,” Gore said. “It’s a little bit harder to deny the 3,000 deaths in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria. C’mon. How far down that rabbit hole are people going to follow? This is utter insanity.”

John Kerry accused the President of lying about climate change.

Trump takes action

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