President Trump will not approve federal funds for the Minnesota governor


President Trump denied a request from the governor of Minnesota for federal funds to help pay for the nearly half-billion in damages incurred during the Black Lives Matter riots and looting.

The governor and the mayor literally watched the cities burn.

Governor Walz asked President Trump to declare the state a “major disaster,” which would release funds to help repair the more than $500 million in damages.

The President denied that request.

“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,” the governor’s spokesman Teddy Tschann said in a statement. “As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.”

The mayor of Minneapolis said they don’t need police, and the governor does not support them. They’re incompetent.

Businesses, grocery stores, pharmacies, and post offices were damaged. The damage to the Twin Cities after St. Floyd’s death was the second most destructive incident of civil unrest in U.S. history, after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, the Star Tribune reported.

Unless the officials agree to continue a police department and agree to let police do their job, maybe the federal government is right in not providing funds. What do you think?

Rep. Duncan doesn’t want the federal taxpayer to pay for the damage that would not have happened if the officials were competent:

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