President Trump Will Not Attend the Correspondents’ Dinner


The Correspondents’ dinner has been a way for the media to schmooze with the administration in what is a bad photo op. The dinner raises questions about whether beat reporters should rub shoulders with the politicians they cover frequently, or allow themselves to be too closely associated with Hollywood.

They shouldn’t.

President Trump, true to character, will not attend. He’s a president of the people, not the elite media establishment.

The media has become very corrupt and don’t even seem to know.

Today alone, the Boston Globe is still floating the Russian-Spicer story though it has been fully debunked.

They wrote:

His attack on the media’s use of anonymous sources came less than an hourafter White House officials held a background briefing —demanding anonymity — with journalists to dispute a CNN story.

CNN had reported that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asked the FBI to push back against media reports about communications between Trump aides and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The story is completely false. The FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe pulled Spicer aside after a meeting. It’s not the other way around. He told Spicer the Russian story was “BS” and Spicer asked if the FBI could say something about it. They declined but told Spicer he could address it.

If you scan the press, you’ll find Trump-attack story after Trump-attack story. They are completely biased.

The press is hopeless.

Just today, WaPo’s biased Ashley Parker is complaining that some media were left out of a gaggle Friday and conservatives were included. They want an only-left biased media. There is nothing that says they are the elite and only they can attend a briefing.

Chief of Staff Sean Spicer addressed it.

Dan Rather, the biggest fake of them all claims that calling the press the enemy is a “smokescreen” to “take away” from Russia stories. Trump never said the press was the enemy, he said fake news is the enemy.

Trump told a CPAC audience we are fighting the “fake news” and they are the “enemy of the people”.

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