President, Tucker Call Out Media, Video Proves Innocence of MAGA Boys


President Trump did what the media, most politicians, and the celebrities are not doing. He tweeted about the Covington boys! He said they were “…smeared by media. Not good, but making big comeback.” He referred to some of the footage we have linked below.


Tucker Carlson called out the following for their rush to judgment on the Covington boys: Maggie Haberman Ana Navarro Bakari Sellers Reza Aslan Kathy Griffin Jack Morrissey Patton Oswalt Bill Kristol National Review Twitter (inaction)

The AP, our elite news service, still has their crap story up without any corrections: Students in ‘MAGA’ hats mock Native American after rally and it is a vile story. The media who took their story off the wire have the story up.


Reason did a good job of explaining the horrendous behavior of the adults, not the kids. The video they link to proves the kids are innocent. Here’s an excerpt:

Here is video footage of the full incident, from the perspective of the black nationalists. Phillips enters the picture around the 1:12 mark, but if you skip to that part, you miss an hour of the Black Hebrew Israelites hurling obscenities at the students. They call them crackers, faggots, and pedophiles. At the 1:20 mark (which comes after the Phillips incident) they call one of the few black students the n-word and tell him that his friends are going to murder him and steal his organs. At the 1:25 mark, they complain that “you give faggots rights,” which prompted booing from the students. Throughout the video, they threaten the kids with violence, and attempt to goad them into attacking first. The students resisted these taunts admirably: They laughed at the hecklers, and they perform a few of their school’s sports cheers.

It was at this moment that Phillips, who had attended a nearby peace protest led by indigenous peoples, decided to intervene. He would later tell The Detroit Free Press that the teenagers “were in the process of attacking these four black individuals” and he decided to attempt to de-escalate the situation. He seems profoundly mistaken: The video footage taken by the black nationalists shows no evidence the white teenagers had any intention of attacking. Nevertheless, Phillips characterized the kids as “beasts” and the hate-group members as “their prey”:

“There was that moment when I realized I’ve put myself between beast and prey,” Phillips said. “These young men were beastly and these old black individuals was their prey, and I stood in between them and so they needed their pounds of flesh and they were looking at me for that.”

Again, all the evidence suggests that Phillips got it backward.


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