President will NOT participate in a virtual debate just announced by the commission


President Trump said Thursday that he would not participate in a virtual debate, minutes after the organizing commission announced that next week’s event would be virtual to protect the health of those involved.

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” Trump, who was diagnosed last week with the coronavirus, said in an interview on Fox Business, claiming the Commission on Presidential Debates is “trying to protect” Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The commission said Thursday morning that the second presidential debate, slated for Oct. 15 in Miami, would take the form of a virtual town-hall meeting “to protect the health and safety of all involved.”

“I’m not going to do a virtual debate,” Trump went on. “I’m not going to waste my time at a virtual debate.”

The president said he wasn’t going to “sit at a computer” to debate, calling it “ridiculous.”

“They’re trying to protect Biden,” Trump said. “Everybody is.”

His campaign seemed to accept the rule change but he won’t. Trump said he wasn’t informed and he never agreed to it.

He is doing well after he was infected with the virus:

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3 years ago

Lyin’ Joe Biden can go ahead with the virtual debate on his own. He can debate himself! He always has two views of any issue. He can spout what his view was for the past 47 years, then rebut himself with his current view…which will be another campaign lie designed to get himself elected.

First Walk Around Mirror Lake
First Walk Around Mirror Lake
3 years ago

Interweb tubes are buzzing with questions about whether or not the preezy of the steezy was exposed to the virus intentionally.
The CCP loves them some Joe Biden as they look to expand their regional power and there is talk of a crackdown on Taiwan with military force.