President Wins Travel Ban Victory Over Judicial, Bureaucratic Tyranny


The Supreme Court has lifted two injunctions placed on the President’s travel ban by lower courts in a vote of 7-2 though this is only until they can hear the case. The Supremes should have lifted the bans permanently since the President is exercising rights clearly within his authority. This is a victory over a battle that never should have taken place in the United States.

Justice won’t take place until the judicial tyrants and the bureaucratic overlords are barred from operating lawlessly. The wholly unAmerican ACLU is also involved in all of these cases.

Barack Obama banned immigrants, many of them Muslims, six times,yet he has mocked President Trump for doing the same thing. President Bush before him also barred certain immigrants. Neither one was prevented from doing so because the statute is very clear. It is completely legal for the President to do so to protect Americans from terrorists.

MSN reported the victory over the President’s travel ban in this way: The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to President Donald Trump by allowing his latest travel ban targeting people from six Muslim-majority countries to go into full effect even as legal challenges continue in lower courts.

First of all, it is not simply a victory, it is well within the President’s authority, and secondly, he isn’t targeting Muslims as the paragraph suggests. It’s about radicalized Muslims. Lastly, the challenges are tyrannical, not acceptable legal challenges.

The President has the right to ban any aliens or any class of immigrants by proclamation.

The article by MSN goes on to suggest the President’s policies are “contentious”. There is nothing contentious about it. He is exercising a right that other Presidents have exercised without any interference.

There are 49 Muslim-majority countries and there is no evidence he’s targeting Muslims as many are saying.

The courts and the bureaucracy, the least democratic parts of our government, are more powerful than those parts of government the people elect because of these types of court cases that are meant to cripple the duly-elected administration.

The fact that court action is necessary to allow the President perform his most basic function is an affront to our Republic.

The U.S. system was devised to prevent any limitation on the President’s legal authority but the judicial tyrants and the bureaucratic state is violating this right in order to put President Trump into the deep freeze, to paralyze his administration, for the entire duration of his presidency.

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