President Xi’s Spies Brazenly Worked For US Defense


According to a new report (see below), the Chinese regime hired 162 researchers who worked in a top U.S. national security laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Much of that research has directly advanced Chinese military technology, which now threatens U.S. national security.

These researchers work on their military programs.

Strider produced the report and is not suggesting illegal activity but is suggesting Los Alamos was complicit in working with the Chinese communists [spies].

Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping and other top CCP leaders suggest that similar recruitment efforts may be widespread among U.S. government-funded laboratories, academic research institutions, and major innovation centers.

Moreover, the Los Alamos case shows how China’s rapid advances in certain key military technologies are aided by individuals who participated in sensitive U.S. government-funded research.

Ninety-eight returned scientists were postdoctoral researchers, and 49 were visiting scholars. Although such individuals do not have access to the most sensitive research at Los Alamos, they still pose a risk of technology transfer and economic espionage. The DOE has acknowledged instances where researchers elsewhere have passed dual-use and export-controlled research to the PRC via visiting students and scholars.

Much of that research has directly advanced Chinese military technology, which now threatens U.S. national security.

It leads one to wonder what is wrong with the top officials in the US government.


Strider Los Alamos Report by M Dowling on Scribd

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1 month ago

There has been zero interest in US security since Biden took the over as president . On the other hand, there is countless instances and situations where Biden himself and his administration have allowed and helped China continue to be in new control of USA government and security than the USA govt and president are. I see now who the “people behind the curtain” running the show for president Biden andWhite House

2 months ago

I heard that President Xi is now under house arrest and no longer in control of the government.

2 months ago

The Government is invested with Communist and Academia is 99% Communist. What can you expect? Even businessmen will give away the farm to the CCP for a few million a year now a days.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

In the Clinton years I have read back then that we lost some missile and warhead technology to China from to Los Alamos. Richardson was the Energy Secretary at the time, he was also the former governor of the state which has that lab, New Mexico. It’s impossible that US Intel was not aware of these spies.