President’s heresy–not raving about man who said he’s an illegitimate racist


President Trump sat down with Axios’ Jonathan Swan for a somewhat contentious interview. The President is being vilified for not honoring the late Representative John Lewis during the interview.

President Trump refused to praise John Lewis and the left thinks that is a form of heresy. Not praising him is racism to the left.

However, what they are leaving out is the fact that the late representative would not attend Trunp’s inauguration. He helped spread the haunting lie that Donald Trump was not a legitimate President. Lewis pulled the same stunt for Trump’s State of the Union.


John Lewis was an admired leader of the 1963 March on Washington. He suffered a fractured skull inflicted by the police. As a representative, he was less admirable and had a loose relationship with the truth. He was a Marxist without much love for America.

Lewis continually called President Trump a racist without any evidence, using tweets he falsely claimed proved his point.

Lewis also falsely accused Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin of “sowing seeds of hatred and division” at their rallies in 2008, even invoking the name of Democrat George Wallace to shore up his attack.

In 2010, he churned up the hatred by alleging that Tea Party protesters shouted racial epithets and spat on him during an anti-Obamacare rally.  The late Andrew Breitbart offered to pay $100,000 to anyone with proof the racial incidents occurred.  At a time and place where nearly everyone had a phone in his hand, not one video surfaced of Lewis’s spit-riddle

I was at that rally and walked along with them. No one spat at anyone.

Lewis himself wrote for communist periodicals, fronted for communist groups, received awards from socialist organizations, and has supported socialist candidates.

That is how history should remember him — a man who was admirable fifty-seven years ago.



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