Trump did NOT say ‘big deal’ to comment ‘Ghislaine Maxwell’s a child trafficker’


President Trump sat down with far-left Axios reporter Jonathan Swan for an interview. Social media is eagerly distorting everything the President is saying.

For example, Swan asked President Trump about his tweet wishing Ghislaine Maxwell well. She was a pal of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and a possible trafficker of young girls.

President Trump said, “They made such a big deal,” meaning the media. He was completing his thought about the media’s overreaction to his recent tweet wishing Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well.’  When the President was about to say the media made a ‘big deal’ out of it, Swan interrupted him with a comment about her being a child sex trafficker.

Now, social media claims he sarcastically said, “Big deal,” in response to Swan saying Maxwell is a child trafficker.

The larger point the President was trying to make was that there should be a trial first. She is not convicted yet.

At the same time, no one in the media is talking about allegations against Bill Clinton by the allegedly trafficked young woman.


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