Black men in LA march with MAGA 2020 flags


Over the weekend, some members of the black community, marched through the streets of Los Angeles carrying large flags adorned with the words — Trump 2020. They knew they would be vilified and did it anyway.

One leader in the effort tweeted, “Amidst the scorn, and despite being called c**ns and Uncle Tom’s, a few of us black Trump supporters took to the front to head a collective march thru the streets of Los Angeles, as we all showed support for America, Trump, and our police.”

He hashtagged it, #BLACKLIVESMAGA.

One of the leaders of the group slammed the media for not covering serious problems within the black community itself.

“No cover on O Magazine. Not what? No good? No cover on O Magazine?” he said. “The 10-month old that died over on Monday? No cover on O Magazine. You’ve got an eleven-year-old, a five-year-old in his own crib, no cover on O Magazine?”

He’s talking about the daily horrors in Chicago, of course, and it’s not only Chicago. He’s also right about the coverage. The media covers small groups of leftists rioting and always claims they’re ‘mostly peaceful protesters.’

MAGA Hulk says he’s just a MAGA who loves his country. He’s an all-American man.

Here is one of the messages from his Twitter feed:

And another:



  1. Isn’t it amazing how black people get away with calling other black people by racists names? White people get fired for using those kinds of racial epithets. Democrats won’t acknowledge black conservatives and Republicans who have left their plantation.

  2. Disgusting how racist these white people are with their ‘self-control’ and ‘respect for law.’ ‘Character’ and ‘civility’ are just acts of hatred against people of color.

  3. So proud of my Black Brothers and Sister. It doesn’t take courage to be a BLM or Antifa, because decent Christians have let it slide. It takes real courage to protest against Lawless, Jobless, Godless Thugs.

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