Pretty SCARY- Politicians, Thugs &Terrorists Use Similar COVID Fighting Tactics


The New York Post reported, “It’s not just governors and presidents who are leading the fight against coronavirus- drug dealers, mobsters, and terrorists are also battling the bug.”  The paper continued “deadly thugs are doing things like enforcing social distancing and making people wear hand sanitizer.”

These criminal clans are also using the pandemic to gain favor with, and take greater control over, a frightened, desperate public.  Hmm.

Apparently pols, thugs, and terrorists are employing similar tactics in the fight against COVID 19. Here are some steps “name brand bad guys” are taking:

Mexican Drug Lords- “The sons of “El Chapo” Guzman have been threatening those breaking Mexico’s lockdown with…arrests and fines.”  They also “have heavily armed henchmen roaming the streets of the state capital….to enforce a curfew….”.  To win over depressed Mexicans they’re also handing out relief packages.

Brazilian Gangs- Drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro have been enforcing hand cleaning and strict curfews.  They make sure people only walk in pairs before the evening lockdown starts. One resident says, “Nobody wants to go outside-first of all for fear of coronavirus, and now because of this order.”

ISIS- Their directive focused primarily on self-preservation which included shelter in place and face covering. The “healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it.”  New “sharia directives” also instructed followers to wash their hands regularly and “cover their mouths when yawning and sneezing.”

Taliban- In Afghanistan they’ve put out PR type videos on disinfection, showing its fighters handing out masks and soap.  They’re also doing door-to-door temperature checks while setting up public info teams and quarantine centers.

Italian Mafia- Leave it to this outfit to take advantage of a major crisis.  First, they ingratiate themselves with locals by offering the newly unemployed good-paying jobs as recruits.  Next, “La Cosa Nostra is also stepping in with its hefty cash supplies to support companies facing bankruptcy….”.  That “loan” earns the mob partial ownership.  In addition, mobsters have been handing out food to win over needy Italians.

Much of what these criminal organizations are doing seems a lot like what our most authoritarian politicians are doing.  There’s a shared “carrot and stick” approach.

The latter mentioned offers lockdowns, fines, social distancing, hand washing, mandated face covering, intrusive medical checks, arrests, and armed enforcement.  The “carrot” includes goodies such as relief packages, public relations videos, masks, soap, food, and not-so-free money.

The bottom line is, despotic COVID fighting tactics used by unelected thugs and terrorists are being applied by some of our most oppressive elected pols, and that’s pretty scary.

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