Schumer/Pelosi to unveil a multi-trillion $ FDR plan – raid the treasury to buy votes


Chuck Schumer is planning to sell a new spending plan by claiming it’s what FDR would want.

If Chuck Schumer’s ‘Rooseveltian’ plan is anything like the last one from FDR himself, it will prolong the depression for decades. It’s a Coronavirus Relief Package that’s “Rooseveltian in scope and size.” It will be a “multi-trillion-dollar plan” that will “dwarf the two trillion dollar plan.”

This was in response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calling for a pause in spending.

The FDR depression continued for his entire time in office, masked for the last four years by WWII.

What we know so far is they want a multi-trillion dollar package to pay off debt for states and local governments.


Pelosi ordered Democratic leadership to submit “wish lists” to her office earlier this week. She told House committee leaders and other key lawmakers to “think big” on relief projects.

The result of that is she and Schumer have compiled the “most far-reaching effort yet to address the economic fallout of the pandemic” — a “legislative laundry list” that will likely dwarf the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, which passed back in March, Fox News reports.

“We’re looking at a multitrillion-dollar bill,” one legislator told the network.

Schumer likened the draft bill to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, designed to address the massive economic fallout of the Great Depression.

“We need big, bold action,” Schumer told MSNBC Thursday, adding that Democrats “are working very closely together on putting together a very strong plan, which you will hear shortly.”

“We need Franklin Rooseveltian-type action and we hope to take that in the House and Senate in a very big and bold way,” he added.

If this goes through, it’s over for the United States. We will never come out of this but we will be socialists/communists. It’s a Cloward and Piven type approach.

So many Americans are becoming desperate, it could happen. Instead, open the government and save America? We flattened the curve — now OPEN!


On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said about Republicans,  “You know who they remind me of? Herbert Hoover. When we were on the edge of a potential depression, Herbert Hoover said, ‘Let’s do nothing.’ That’s what these guys are saying.”

He is saying that because he’s planning this multi-trillion dollar ‘relief’ bill to buy votes. At the same time, he will bankrupt. the nation. Schumer is setting the stage for spending that will destroy our capitalist nation.

The spending could collapse our capitalist economy. The interest alone would be too high. It won’t solve the debt in these states either because they would have gotten a gift of printed and borrowed cash without having done a thing to stop the bleeding. They will run up the same debt with a bankrupt federal treasury.

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