Primary Results: Cheney Thinks She’s Abe Lincoln and Murkowski Barely Leads


The primaries in Alaska and Wyoming hopefully set the Republican Party on a new path, one in which the Democrat-light Republicans lose their clout. The Bush-Cheney era is over, and closet Democrat Lisa Murkowski has been found out.

OUTGOING Liz Cheney said, “our work is far from over,” which means she plans to continue her non-stop attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters. Cheney quoted a Gold Star father on the importance of truth, and she compared herself to the military, who gave their lives for the country.

Bringing up her past spectacular win of 73%, she said she could have won, but it would have required her going along with Donald Trump’s lies and his ongoing attacks on our democratic system and the foundations of our Republic. Cheney said that was a path she wasn’t willing to take.

And the people of Wyoming and the country are better for it. While she’s nursing hatred for Donald Trump, Joe Biden is actually unraveling the foundations of our Republic. Most Republicans want the America First agenda without wars, without giveaways to China, without open borders and high taxation. They want a government run by the people, not special interest groups.

As for the 2020 election, there was a lot wrong with the election, from mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, last-minute changes to election laws favoring Joe Biden, hundreds of millions of dollars going to Democrat operatives with dropboxes, and hundreds of millions on attack ads against Donald Trump, social media canceling Trump in searches, and so on. As for the machines, it’s hard to see any value in them. We used to count ballots on the same day as the election. Now, with the machines, we wait days for some swing states. There is also evidence they can be hacked and other anomalies.

Cheney compared herself to Abe Lincoln, who lost elections but “won the most important of all.” Invoking the Civil War was probably unwise. It sounds like she wants to run for president as a spoiler and possibly one of the most self-unaware politicians.

We never heard her congratulate Harriet Hageman because she probably didn’t.

She had producer Jeff Goldston and a film crew on hand because she’s a phony, and this was a production.


In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski led but barely. Seven others ran to defeat her, and Kelly Tshibaka almost beat her in this first round. Kelly Tshibaka came in at 40% to Murkowski’s 43.3%, which looks very good for Tshibaka, a Harvard graduate and lawyer, as they move to the next phase in the ranked-choice voting process.

Alaska adopted ranked-choice voting to help Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski, who votes with Democrats 20% more often, will go through three more rounds with Kelly Tshibaka as her main opponent.

Murkowski has a lot of out-of-state money to concentrate hate ads on Mrs. Tshibaka. She is an America First candidate.

JD Rucker of Liberty Daily sees it as “arguably the most important in the nation in the battle between Uniparty Swamp RINOs and America First patriots. .. At stake is whether or not possible Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will maintain one of his puppets or if an actual conservative will spoil it for him.”

The results below come from PBS News Hour.

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