Monica Crowley: Dem’s Bill Pushes a “Neo-Marxist, Collectivist” Agenda


Monica Crowley spoke with Sean Duffy last night, filling in for Jesse Watters. She was fantastic in describing Biden’s spending bill to move more people in America onto the government dole, pushing the progressive wish list.

She said that Democrats are not interested in serving the American people by easing their lives and haven’t been for a long time. They are only concerned with re-engineering the US economy into a neo-Marxist, collectivist entity.

The Inflation Reduction Act is another bill moving us from the free market to Marxism, in Ms. Crowley’s considered view. It is only about transforming America. Since the energy sector is the biggest engine of capitalism they can control, they keep attacking it.

The former Treasury Secretary said the American people will feel the negative impact of this bill before November.


Along the same lines, Richard Miniter, Editor of Zenger News, wrote a piece on the White House declaring war on its own citizens and inching us towards a police state. It’s an excellent article. Here’s an excerpt:

The White House has declared war on its own citizens – and, shockingly, America has never been closer to a police state, writes RICHARD MINITER

America is spiraling out of control.

From the unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago, to the seizure of a congressman’s phone, to our doddering commander-in-chief, who increasingly seems like a man who doesn’t have the sense or stamina to serve out his term.

And now, America is on the edge of another political nightmare.

We are less than 100 days away from the election of a new Congress to run the country – while the de facto leader of the Republican base delights in stoking his supporters’ darkest suspicions under the shadow of a sincerely suspect investigation.

It feels like the country is battling under crashing waves, struggling for a breath, but the rollers keep coming.

Meanwhile, Biden has left town – yet again – for a beach vacation with his son – who has a federal probe looming over his head.

It is true that four years of the Trump presidency, with its independent prosecutors, riots, mobs pulling down statues, the two failed impeachments, and Covid lockdowns – were also disturbingly shambolic.

But that was supposed to be over when America ejected the Orange Man from the White House. It’s not over, and it’s getting worse. Read on…

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