Prince Harry and Meghan seemingly royally snubbed by Prince William and Kate


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be on the outs with the royal family despite the announcements to the contrary from the Queen. The couple was in the U.K. for their last formal appearance and got barely a nod from Prince William and nothing from Kate. Even Harry’s father and Camilla barely nodded.

A video preserved the awkward moment and seemingly cold greeting.

The Royals attended the Commonwealth Service on Monday. Harry and Meghan were all smiles as they were reunited for the first time with William and Kate since they announced they’d be leaving the Royal life two months ago.

Reactions from witnesses included comments like, “That looks painful,” while another commented: “This really upset me. William and Kate, so rude.”

Meghan was seen to mouth “hi” and give a small wave to William and Kate.

William and Kate greeted others enthusiastically, but when they turned towards Meghan and Harry, they turned chilly.

The Daily Mail reports the brothers began to argue when William warned Harry in 2017 that he was “moving too fast” with Meghan Markle. Allegedly a close family friend told Daily Mail that “they didn’t leave on good terms by any means.”

Meghan Markle alienated her own family. Now they appear to be alienated from Harry’s. It’s very sad, especially for the Queen and her husband.


James Woods take:

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