Only 48% of Democrats are enthusiastic about a Biden nomination


According to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, 77% of Democratic voters think that Biden will win the nomination. It does appear that Bernie Sanders will lose all six states tomorrow during the primary. Despite this, only 48% of voters said that they were enthusiastic about Biden being the nominee.

“Just 48% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters expressed enthusiasm about Biden as the nominee,” the Huffington Post reports.

“Another 21% said they would be markedly upset. Given that Biden will be taking on an incumbent president, low enthusiasm (and nearly a quarter of voters outright opposed) could be damaging in battleground states where voter turnout will be a deciding factor. There will certainly be a decline if Sanders’ supporters boycott the Democrats’ nominee over charges of a “stolen” process.”

Of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters, 62% over 45 years of age are enthusiastic about Biden as the nominee and only 28% under 45 are eager to see Biden as the nominee.

In contrast, 55% of those younger voters, but just 29% of the older group, would be enthusiastic about a Sanders nomination.

Young Democrats like the communist.

About two-thirds of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say they’re at least satisfied with the current field of candidates overall, with a quarter dissatisfied or worse.


Joe Biden looks like he’s visibly deteriorating mentally and that could be part of the problem. The other problem is Democrats’ children like socialism.

As for his possible mental deterioration, it is sad to see it displayed daily and getting worse.

Rudy Giuliani tweeted, “Do we really have to diagnose what is wrong with him? It’s obvious. However, like his corrupt pattern of selling his office for millions since he was a Senator, the Swamp Media covers it up. They hate DJT so much, they don’t care about the damage done to our country.” Giuliani linked to the clip of Biden forgetting Barack Obama’s name.

Everyone can see what is going on. Whatever the reason, he can’t speak.


Conservative firebrand James Woods believes they are pushing Joe Biden so he can be replaced by Hillary Clinton at the convention or even later. It could be our October Surprise. In this crazy world, anything is possible.

The ads and clips of Biden and his condition will be brutal. They already are.

Joe Biden will get worse during the upcoming debates. It’s hard to imagine him getting through them. He’s already — reportedly — insisting on a chair and table for the debates.

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