Princeton University Does Drag


A report from College Fix: There is a new “Drag University” program launched at Princeton University that will train students in the “art form” promoted, even regaled in this top university.

Men dressing as sensuous women and engaging in soft porn as part of their performances is now an art form.

The program is offered through the school’s Gender + Sexuality Resource Center and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in the world of drag, according to the center’s Instagram page.

Throughout the 2023-24 school year, enrolled participants will cover an array of topics, including the history of drag, “Sewing 101,” choreography, face painting, photoshoots and other topics, according to the program’s registration form.

They have an overflow of enrollment in what is supposed to be one of the most elite universities in the country, or it was.

On its website, Princeton’s GSRC describes itself as “a supportive and inclusive campus community for women, femme, trans, and queer Princetonians through collaborative programming, education, advocacy, and mentorship.”

“We envision a Princeton University community of practice that affirms, uplifts and celebrates women, femme, trans, and queer people and that actively resists sexism, cissexism, heteronormativity, and other intersecting forms of oppression on campus and beyond,” it adds.

Additional programs run through the GSRC include its Peer Educators, which serves as an educational tool taught by LGBTQ-identifying students.

Politics, Too!

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The military, too!

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