Principal Allows Molester in School with Victims, Vows to Punish Protesting Kids


A boy who allegedly sexually molested two students remains in school thanks to the Principal. Students walked out in support of the alleged victims. That led to the Principal, Marco Voce of Zimmerman Middle/High School, vowing to punish students who walked out.

And there is more. Principal Voce called the police on a concerned mother who was questioning his decision to allow the boy to stay in the same hallways and classrooms as his purported victims, Daly Mail reported.

Parents were enraged at the principal and the school board who refused to address the issue at a meeting on Monday.

Will these parents make the Merrick Garland-DHS-White House-NSBA domestic terrorist list?

After the children walked out, Voce wrote in a letter to parents:

“ISD 728 does not condone, support, or sponsor student walkouts… students who participate in a walkout that violates any ISD 728 policy, which includes any type of bullying, harassment, discrimination etc., may receive significant discipline which could include out of school suspension.”

A mother of a girl who attends the high school, Cassie Bonine, went to the school board meeting hoping to ask questions and get clarification on the matter. However, parents were not allowed to inquire about the issue during the meeting.

“We were all denied,” she told the Daily Mail during an interview on Thursday. “None of us were allowed to speak at the meeting.”

She would later run into Voce and ask him why he hadn’t responded to her email sent five days previously regarding the alleged sexual assaults. Voce claimed he never received her email. After returning from a good cry in the bathroom, the mother showed him the email on her phone, according to Daily Mail.

“I then asked him if he had children. He said he had two daughters,” she recounted. “And I asked him what if it were your daughters? How would you feel in this situation?”

A few days after that encounter, the police showed up at Bonine’s home. She was handed a trespassing notification that forbids her from going onto school property for a year.

“The trespass notice is given due to your verbal altercation with principal Marco Voce, which you instigated, was witnessed by others and was acknowledged on social media and was considered to be aggressive, intimidating, and inappropriate,” the notice stated.

The mother admits she raised her voice but denies threatening Voce or being aggressive.

“And now I am no longer allowed to step foot on the school grounds that my daughter attends,” she noted. “I can’t drop her off. I can’t pick her up. I can’t attend her volleyball games. I can’t go to her conferences. If she’s sick, I can’t go there. If she’s injured, I can’t go there.”

Bonine is now reportedly in the process of transferring her daughter to a different school district.

If true, this sounds like WOKERY! WOKE equals dictatorship.


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