‘Let’s Go Brandon’ May Save the Constitution


There was a time when it seemed reasonable to consider progressive ideas. There was a time when it was possible to believe that the Biden administration might do something good. Suddenly, those times have wilted away. Now we know exactly what they will do because they are doing it. It’s a long list, but we need to review Biden’s actual and attempted “accomplishments.” In less than a year he and his cabal have done the following:

  • Caused fuel prices to soar.
  • Created sky-rocketing inflation.
  • Caused widespread shortages.
  • Sponsored an immigration invasion.
  • Abandoned citizens and allies behind enemy lines.
  • Empowered terrorists and enemies.
  • Attacked traditional families.
  • Promoted Marxist education.
  • Diminished the Bill of Rights.
  • Attacked the Constitution. (See 7-part series starting here)
  • Undermined the police and military.
  • Attacked election integrity.
  • Significantly increased racial tension.
  • Caused extensive unemployment.
  • Used COVID as an excuse to diminish liberty.

[Most of the above are documented in this archive.]

Just to put things in perspective, Donald Trump’s policies gave us the greatest economy in the history of the world. If it were not for Biden’s leftist agenda, we would still have energy independence, low inflation, and a booming economy.

It’s shocking that so much damage has been done in such a short time. This destructive pattern of events is not just incompetence. Instead of corrective action, we see doubling down. As one disaster after another unfolds, it’s becoming emphatically evident that the Biden administration is intentionally collapsing the economy. The socialists behind the curtain are rapidly proceeding with their stated plans to replace our freedom and prosperity with coercive collectivism. As millions of Americans are awakening to this awful reality, presidential and congressional ratings are sinking to historic lows.

And now, in the face of economic ruin, Biden cronies are trying to force much of the energy industry into bankruptcy and Biden himself has threatened to shut down another vital pipeline. The entire Green Fraud has now been thoroughly explained and verified in many places, including this current article, and this recent book. Meanwhile, Biden’s assault on efficient energy continues to cause soaring inflation with the potential to drastically harm every American.

Has the Biden administration generated even one good outcome? Even his staunchest supporters struggle to offer any reasonable answer to this question.

But isn’t the trillion-dollar infrastructure deal a good thing? Well, more than 85% of it is earmarked for socialist boondoggles and the small part planned for actual infrastructure will be strangled by overregulation, except of course the portion going to eliminate “racist roads and bridges.” The main thing that will be “accomplished” is more inflation.

In less than a year the Ruling Radicals have absolutely proven that they intend to kill freedom and prosperity as quickly as they can. The historical record shows that socialists are perfectly willing to starve millions in order to get and maintain power. If food and fuel prices keep doubling, as they have planned, history will repeat itself.

The ruling tyrants know that there will be resistance, which already started in Virginia, so in one way after another, they are attempting to seize TOTAL CONTROL. One of their highest priorities is to manage elections so that they can cheat and get away with it, as they did in 2020. (1) (2) (3) Another top priority is to disarm the population before millions of Americans realize they might have to fight socialist thuggery in order to get food and fuel. Biden must have had these things in mind when he made this thinly veiled threat to use “F-15s and nuclear weapons” against Americans who resist his lies and unconstitutional orders.

Most Americans are fed up. They have had enough. They can see the writing on the wall. Many Americans have concluded that enemies, foreign and domestic, have stolen the government and are in the process of dismantling our constitutional republic.

Is it any wonder that multitudes have broken out into profane chants expressing their disdain and rejection for the most creepy, corrupt, and overbearing administration ever?

When the media tried to cover up Biden rejection by suggesting that the crowd was saying “Let’s Go Brandon” a star was born. Let’s Go Brandon instantly became a

non-profane way of expressing complete rejection of Total Control Joe and his socialist handlers.

Of course, the Leftstream media objects to belittling Biden, seeming to forget that LGB is gracious compared to their attacks on President Trump. Let’s Go Brandon turns out to be such a clever lampoon of despotism that it might help save western civilization. Would to God Biden’s socialist cousins Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao had been ridiculed out of power before their coercive collectivism reached the starvation stage.

America’s Citizen Press published a hilarious graphic and article about people all over the world paging a fictitious “Lesgo Brandon” in public places. The story ended with some insights into why Lesgo Brandon became Joe Biden’s doppelganger:

Maybe because gas prices and inflation are soaring, a supply-chain crisis has hobbled the economy…the border is a disaster of unparalleled proportions, at least 500 Americans and thousands of Afghan allies were left to be tortured and die in Kabul…China is developing hypersonic weapons and threatening Taiwan because they know Biden is incompetent, crime rates are soaring, the Department of Justice is preparing to raid school board meetings in search of domestic terrorists disguised as concerned parents, more vaccine and mask mandates are being handed down, except to illegal aliens…and the leader of the free world is wandering in a daze on the White House Lawn.

Millions are already chanting variations of Let’s Go Brandon. Hopefully, we will soon find out how many millions it takes to save the constitution.

Copyright © 2021 by Gene Van Shaar

Gene Van Shaar has spent a lifetime studying and teaching a wide range of religious and secular topics. He is a master teacher whose lessons and stories have generated both laughter and tears. As a defender of freedom, he has fostered independence by encouraging students and readers to embrace correct principles and resist coercion. Like Thomas Jefferson, he has “sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” He has written many articles and books including Pillars of Truth and FreedomMy Life and LessonsFreedom and The Obama DebacleScriptural Insight Archive and Concise Harmony of the Four Gospels. He currently serves as president of the Clear Creek Institute.

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