Prior admin must explain the unmaskings of Flynn before Kislyak call


Many of the unmaskings by Obama’s top lieutenants occurred before the call between then-NSA nominee Michael Flynn and Russian ambassador Kislyak. How do they explain that? Kislyak was allegedly the predicate for the probe.

The people who unmasked need to be asked some serious questions but the media won’t do it and it’s hard to imagine Lindsey Graham doing it during his investigation.

Why did this mob of people unmask Flynn during the transition? They were watching his every move.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say the prior administration was spying and fishing around, looking for anything to pin on the general.

General Flynn reported the call with Kislyak the next day to the transition official, as he was supposed to do.

His intervention was successful. Russian President Putin did not escalate, and there were no promises made.

Whoever leaked the transcript of that call committed a felony.

Democrats complained bitterly in December that the president was already on the job during the transition and meeting with foreign leaders. That was a good thing but the prior administration didn’t like it.

Reporter Adam Houseley is asking the same question:

Houseley said it is going to get a lot worse with Flynn as the tip of the iceberg:


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