During his town hall Joe Biden didn’t know who briefs him daily


Presidential candidate Joe Biden held a virtual round table from his basement on Thursday to discuss the Coronavirus. It went like all the rest with audio problems and him appearing confused at times.

This team can’t straighten out the audio and they want to run the country.

Biden struggled to remember who briefs him every morning.

“Um, and uh, and I’m not, and I, I have a, I have a uh, like all of you but every day I get between an hour and an hour and a half brief with um, uh, the former head of, our former surgeon general, anyway, with docs across the country,” said Biden.

Look at this, nothing he said is true. Great choice to lead the country Dems:

The 77-year-old Biden doesn’t know what’s going on half the time, but he has committed to move further left politically. He is putting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the climate panel as a co-chair. She might even end up in his cabinet. That’s insane.

He put two Bernie leftists on the economic panel. One of the two says we can pay for all their outlandish wish list items by just printing money.

It’s obvious Biden is not fit to run the country and anyone who votes for him, votes for the system, and the far-left progressives who run it out of K street. Biden will give all our benefits and free healthcare to illegal aliens. He will support abortion to the moment of birth. Climate politics will be extreme, spending and taxing will destroy us. Biden will do as he’s told.

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