“Privileged, coddled, pampered” person tells us how to rid ourselves of white privilege


Chelsea Clinton, a scion of political ‘crime family’ royalty, is now telling all of us peons how to rid ourselves of white privilege.

She needs to turn over her money to the underprivileged to rid herself of her privilege.

We don’t think she will do it.




  1. Hell could freeze over before I’d ever take advice from that obnoxious, self centered, arrogant spawn of a reptilian and her rabid dog of a mother. Every privileged she has ever indulged in is at the American taxpayers expense and their international criminal cartel. Give it a rest Chelsea. You’re as full of bovine excrement as your lying, thieving, disgusting parents who belong in the big house with iron doors and toilet next to their cement bunk, eating prison cuisine.

  2. A woman with meager intelligence who has been paid many millions for performing nothing is talking about white privilege? Please don’t tell her about this post because her mother might have me suicided.

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