Watch SUNY Community College Prof indoctrinate Freshman in anti-Trumpism


A professor at my local university, Stony Brook Community College was caught in the clip below indoctrinating her students or trying to.

She speaks so poorly. That part stunned me. Her vocabulary is abysmal.

This woman thinks President Trump, who constantly sticks to the Constitution, is trying to turn the USA into a dictatorship. What world does this woman live in?

It is the blue cities and states that won’t re-open despite the CDC telling them to. It was Barack Obama who officially violated the Constitution nine times, according to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Democrats control the media, the news, entertainment, sports, and colleges/universities, and they ruin everything they touch. They rule without any tolerance whatsoever for any difference of opinion.

Why is this school getting my tax dollars?

Watch this professor attempt to indoctrinate, claiming her views are fact:

Colleges and universities are becoming launch pads for communism.



  1. We know that’s what college professors have been doing for decades. But in the age of technology, I can’t believe she’s so stupid to not know someone would record her rant. Good for the student who quietly recorded her clumsy tirade and then posted it on social media!

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