Pro No-Bail NYC Pols Making Life Much More Dangerous for Their Constituents


New York City Democrats were the geniuses who hatched the state’s badly written no-cash bail reform law.  Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie was the driving force behind this increasingly dangerous legislation.  Despite the undeniably awful effects, Heastie has continually announced his unwavering support, claiming he hasn’t been given “real hard data.”

This week, New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, with Mayor de Blasio at his side, presented the facts:

Since Jan. 1, 482 suspects busted for serious felonies were released without bail only to commit another 846 new crimes. Over a third were arrested for one of the seven most serious crimes: murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto.

  • As if speaking directly to Heastie and his pro-crime caucus, Shea said, “Each number represents a victim.”
  • In addition, more than 11 percent of felony arrests didn’t go forward because district attorneys declined to prosecute, a rise of 34 percent from the same period last year. That’s almost certainly a result of another “reform” passed in the no-bail law, which drastically increases DAs’ workload for simply charging a suspect.
  • Crime in January jumped 30 percent from January 2019. Crime in February spiked 20 percent over last year. In all, the first two months of 2020 saw 803 more serious crimes committed than Jan.-Feb. 2019.

As Commissioner Shea said, “Each number represents a victim,” suffering because Heastie and his fellow soft-on-crime-Democrats passed a get out of jail free statute, they refuse to change.



  1. Gosh why do they even have a police force there anymore if criminals are released and no DA’s want to work. I would never visit this state even if my life depended on it. Ha, that wasn’t meant to be funny. Scares the dickens out of me that this is normal in that state.

  2. Pro No-Bail NYC Pols Making Life Much More Dangerous for Their Constituents
    Well, duh. Who, other than Democrats, couldn’t see this coming.

  3. A feature and not a bug. The party of hating America is all about doom and gloom.
    Problems solved and good times would put them out of business.
    The put off more negative waves than Moriarity from Kelly’s Heroes.

  4. Remember when the dems printed the names and addresses of law abiding gun owners in the newspaper???
    I don’t suppose the soft on crime libs would mind if their names and addresses were printed in the paper so that their loyal constituents , who just got released from jail with no bail, could come and visit and say thanks for the chance to commit another home invasion!!!!
    JUST SAYIN’!!!!!!

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