Professor Eastman, a 2020 election insider, describes the shenanigans


Professor John Eastman, a scholar of Constitutional law and Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, was hired as legal counsel by President Trump to examine possible fraudulent activities in the 2020 election.

He was invited to speak at The Steamboat Institute.

One thing that disturbed Professor Eastman was when they brought cases to the courts before the election to question non-lawmakers making these election changes, the court said the case had to be brought after the election. Then when they brought it immediately after the election, the court, sometimes the same court, would say they should have brought the case before the election. Then it would be dismissed.

This went on over and over.

Choosing electors is the job of the legislature. That is under the Constitution. It’s not what happened in some cases.

There were 28 campaign lawsuit cases in 6 or 7 states. None of them looked comprehensively at the evidence.

Eastman believes audits are very important to tamp down partisanship. There was no reason not to audit the elections.

In Georgia, secretary of state Raffensperger played games. The shenanigans in Pennsylvania were remarkable. The secretary of state knew the law required signature verification so she canceled signature verification.

Eastman only advised Vice President Pence to delay the certification of the election. Even Sen. Pat Toomey’s protege, the President Pro Temp of the state senate, wanted VP Pence to delay for a week so they could get to the bottom of what they viewed as illegal activities.

The Republican legislators said the electors were illegally certified. The legislators wanted a one week delay, that’s all. Pence wouldn’t do it.

VP Pence implied Professor Eastman and President Trump wanted him to just declare Trump the President. Eastman said that was not the case at all. Eastman told him the opposite.

This is an insider’s perspective:

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