Professor Githens Arranged to Rape a 7-Year-Old Girl


A “woke” Democrat professor in California was caught up in a child abuse sting. He thought he was getting an opportunity to rape a 7-year-old girl.

Rodger “Rod” Githens, an associate professor at the University of the Pacific, was trying to arrange to rape a 7-year-old child. Unbeknownst to him, he was talking to an undercover agent.

He told the agent he’d bring her “favorite chocolate bar” and “The Little Mermaid” doll. The 45-year-old thought he was talking to the child’s uncle.

“Little kids are so sexual,” he insisted.

Rodger “Rod” Githens is a former Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Innovation and current associate professor and Alexandra Greene Ottesen Endowed Chair at the University of the Pacific. He was taken into custody on Friday. He is charged with one count of receipt and distribution of images of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct, Law&Crime reports.

Roger Gathers
He’s a Biden Democrat

Githens’ Twitter account shows he advocates for left-wing causes and promotes Democrats. He’s a fan of Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, and California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom.

He wanted President Donald Trump removed from office after the Jan. 6th event.

He’s Into Babies

The agent and Githens both said they had sexual experiences with children under 10. Githens said he’s into “babies.”

During another conversation, Githens allegedly said that he and his husband of 13 years were both into “‘young’ (as young as eight years old)” children and explained to the undercover that he believed kids were “property” and lamented that “it used to be what your kids could do for you,” according to the complaint.

He gloated over abusing his husband’s 11-year-old nephew.

He also mentioned coming across a man on Grindr who was ready to meet him in Hawaii and let him have an intimate relationship with his 1-year-old godson. However, the University of the Pacific professor reportedly could not go to Hawaii due to the travel restrictions imposed during Covid-19.

His computer contained evidence of child sex abuse.

The university provided the following statement regarding the allegations:

“The university was made aware of legal proceedings against Professor Rod Githens Monday afternoon via a reporter’s inquiry. He was immediately placed on indefinite administrative leave. The university does not comment on ongoing legal proceedings. While we have received no information of illegal acts involving the university or university property, we are nevertheless launching an independent review by an external investigator.”

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