Professor Not Fired for Wanting College Math Standards in College


Truckee Meadows Community College won’t fire Professor Lars Jensen. He really went over the line and demanded rigorous math standards. By rigorous, they mean not giving college credits for remedial math.

Apparently, the Nevada school found he violated several college codes for protesting the schools’ efforts to give college credit for a remedial math course.

A five-member faculty termination board recommended on November 23 that Jensen remain on the job. The next day, the college president agreed.

Jensen called it a “win for academic freedom.”

“We are relieved that the faculty committee made the right decision and that the president ultimately backed off,” Jensen told The College Fix in an “It is good to see that academic freedom prevailed, as it should have.”

They had used two negative performance reviews Jensen received that he said were manufactured to get rid of him.

“The reason I received the unsatisfactory evaluations, I believe, is in retaliation for having spoken up against President Hilgersom and other administrators’ management style,” Jensen told The College Fix in October.

In one poor performance review, Jensen’s dean took issue with a flyer Jensen had passed out at a math summit criticizing the school’s eroding math standards, charging him with “insubordination” for continuing to hand out the flyer after he was asked not to.

The report by the hearing officer ruled that Jensen’s flyer violated school codes.

While she noted Jensen remained “polite and professional,” she nonetheless determined he engaged in “insubordination” by “willfully disregarding Dean Ellsworth’s directions and interrupted the Math Summit by intentionally and without authorization distributing his handout during the Summit.”

These administrators need to be replaced, not Professor Jensen.

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Don Rhudy
Don Rhudy
2 years ago

Truly amazing!