Surgeon General Says Wear Those Masks Indoors As He Speaks Indoors Without a Mask


We were told the vaccination would keep COVID from spreading and it would minimize the health risk to the vaccinated. That might not be true.

The vaccine only lasts two to six months. Natural immunity is ignored and we don’t know if all these boosters will hurt our natural immunity as this virus becomes endemic.

There is not one peer-reviewed study that proves masks will make a difference. Nonetheless, they have been a big fallback position for the clueless political class.

Oregon plans to make indoor mask-wearing permanent. Biden and Dr. Fauci want us to wear masks at the Christmas events. Now we have the Surgeon General politicizing his office during an interview with the ever-annoying Chris Wallace.

“You talk about masks, are you saying now that if you’re with people you don’t know that we should go back routinely to wear masks indoors?” asked Chris Wallace.

“Well certainly what we’ve been saying since the summertime is that if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated and gathered with people outside your home in indoor spaces, then wearing a mask is the recommended step to take,” said the leftist doctor.

What science backs this? What study is he citing? Where is his evidence?

Murty is only a political bureaucrat who is incapable of putting science first. He can’t be trusted. Where is his mask, by the way?


At the same time, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch says the unvaccinated should be afraid of the vaccinated. This is despite the fact that we were told this was a pandemic of the  unvaccinated. It’s really a pandemic of the vaccinated.

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1 year ago

Everything from the “Government” related to Covid is little more than Kabuki Theater and not really worth anything but criticism.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

He’s a parrot. Like Fauci, he uses only adjectives and adverbs.

The manufacturers of the jab poison never said it would prevent infection or transmission.

The so-called variants correlate with higher jab rates.

1 year ago

I’m putting these government Ignoramuses on permanent IGNORE. The trust is gone, there is no honor among this evil kluge of corrupted people who dare to call themselves elected or appointed public servants, led by a 4th stage dementia sock puppet unfit to serve. If they can’t understand this sick old man needs to be placed in a home. Why should we trust any judgment call on a manufactured disease they refuse to recognize for what it is; A lethal infectious lab creation perpetrated by an unscrupulous deranged doctor, that promotes gain of function experiments? Whose only Function was to kill and harm as much of humanity as possible while Gaining an ungodly fortune and be proclaimed the unrivaled guru of scientific knowledge.
Follow the Science FU-Chi should have become a proctologist who practices middle finger self examination on his own old withered Assroids.
Wear the mask … Really? And what mask would that be, the mask of deceit to silence the truth?

John Vieira
1 year ago
Reply to  lexington41975

That ‘sick old man’ is neither as sick or as demented as the corrupt MSM and his cronies would have you believe…his ‘feigning’ idiocy is as clever a ‘ruse’ as the Covid Psych Ops…to distract from the global fraud being perpetrated on the population…