Professor Turley on Contemptuous FBI Response to Twitter Files


Dr. Jonathan Turley responded to the arrogant, disdainful FBI statement issued in response to the Twitter Files after Twitter Files #6 were released.

The FBI used a proxy – Twitter – to censor Americans. Professor Turley said it is disturbing because it shows “no self-awareness” and utter “contempt for the American people.”

The Twitter files show censorship by proxy. Eighty agents at least went through Twitter recommending banning and other forms of censorship.

The First Amendment applies not only to the government, but also to agents of the government. So, if they used proxies, it’s still government censorship.

Tammy Bruce wants something more than reality TV hearings out of Congress. Professor Turley agrees.

Turley told her that Congress has been derelict. They have pushed social media to expand censorship and won’t stop it. This is an indictment of Congress. Democrat congressmen insisted on more censorship.

We have not just censorship but also blacklisting and shadow banning.

He believes some of the anger in the media is self-loathing. These are journalists claiming they believe in free speech but don’t, and they’ve lied. It will be hard for them to own up to censorship, blacklisting, and lying.

However, this is long overdue.

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