Professors now say proper grammar is “whiteness” and “racist”


Towson University hosted a virtual “Antiracist Pedagogy Symposium,” according to Campus Reform. It “criticized university writing curriculum and programs for being racist and perpetuating whiteness.”

This is one of the most racist things I’ve heard. They are going to teach people to speak poorly and this will hold people back. The only reason to teach this is to stir up hate.

The forum which included several speakers wants “linguistic justice” because whites are teaching their language, making black speakers and writers feel inferior.

They want their own language.


“As the country begins its long-awaited reckoning with institutional racism, colleges and universities have been engaging deeply in the ethical dilemma of our time: How do our institutional structures and practices contribute to the problem of silencing, marginalizing, minoritizing, and otherwise harming black and indigenous students of color?” the event page reads. “What do we need to change to create not just a passively inclusive atmosphere for students, but an actively anti-racist one?”

The virtual event, which took place on June 17, featured April Baker-Bell — an associate professor of language, literacy, and English education at Michigan State University — who stated that standard English usage and teaching perpetuates the idea that “black language” is inferior to standard grammar.

She pointed to allegedly dangerous teacher attitudes include “assumptions that black students are somehow linguistically, morally, and intellectually inferior because they communicate in black language.”

It has nothing to do with race if people speak poorly, giving a bad impression, not matter the race.

“The way black language is devalued in schools reflects how black lives are devalued in the world,” Baker-Bell said, “[and] the anti-black linguistic racism that is used to diminish black language and black students in classrooms is not separate from the rampant and deliberate anti-black racism and violence inflicted upon black people in society.”

There were others telling people to speak incorrectly for justice’s sake. Will they now teach Ebonics? It’s been tried before.

Cristina Sánchez-Martín, English professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, who said that she is working hard to undo “whiteness” in her students’ writing.

“The repeated references to ‘correct grammar’ and ‘standard language’ reinforce master narratives of English only as white and monolingualism and a deficit view of multilingualism,” Sánchez-Martín insisted during the symposium.

there were other professors spouting the same insane comments. Correct math is also racist allegedly.



  1. It’s weird, their symposium and speakers all used standard and long-accepted “proper” grammar, thereby, getting their opinions concisely expressed and understood. Word… f#*”ing sumthing to yat, me thinkz.

  2. YEAH….they figure the the same gambit worked building the tower of BABEL…..WHY not make it impossible to communicate with anyone…..and you are letting them get away with it.

  3. ebonics wasn’t a language – black speek isn’t a thing
    I would ask this inbred teacher why the entire world is wrong and the idiot is correct = arrogance isn’t a skillset.

  4. what can you expect when low class persons, full of hate, are given respect they didn’t earn, and allowed to participate in a free and fair society.

  5. This is just deconstructionism. Never mind that the rules for the language have been around for centuries. Leftists have to make it impossible to hold a conversation. They don’t want to live at peace. They want domination. That is all they will settle for.

  6. There are so many blacks that speak very proper English like Sidney Poitier, James Earl Jones and all of the ones from South Africa that spoke the Kings English. It seems that these professors are themselves raciest.

  7. This is the dumbest idea since time began. Are you going to teach educated whites how to speak pidgen english? Any school supporting this insane idea should be disenfranchised ASAP and all state and federal funds cut off. Who dreams up this crap? What garbage dump school made these idiots think they knew something? This is what comes of lowering educational standards until any fool with an IQ of 20 can get a degree in something, with government guaranteed loan.

  8. Stupid is what stupid does, so happy that I am a Conservative, support the Constitution and know how important language, grammar and critical thinking skills are to living a good and fulfilled life. Oh, and my parents were divorced when I was nine, a dead beat dad the whole enchilada. Mom was a single parent raising four kids. And geez, we all have a decent life and a mom who retired to Florida. Mom paid attention to what we were taught, and participated in the PTA and called out those who sought to dumb us down. Mom would also correct us when our grammar was bad, called us out when we were disrespectful and never took any crap from us. Thank you Mom, you gave us the tools and the love to excel through our challenges and not become fools. Seriously, what is wrong with these people today?

  9. Let me understand this, It is racist because blacks seem unable to speak English correctly there by hurting their feelings so now everybody is going to speak poorly or is not taught to speak correctly to accommodate their feelings.. Also when you do math it is OK to get the answer wrong if you are black because apparently they are saying black people are stupid and cannot speak English nor do math so they do not have to speak English or learn how to do math correctly. Then when they get into the real world unable to communicate or add , subtract , or multiply. They a re given a job they are not educated enough to perform because they are black . Additionally they are advocating that everybody that can speak English has to learn Ebonics so that we can communicate with black people? So now we just have to act like we understand what they say and just ignore their inability to read write and do arithmetic because he is now your boss because they only promote POC. You do realize that this is insanity.

  10. This is insane , basically they are saying black people are stupid and unable to grasp basic language and math skills. So teachers are supposed to pretend it is a wonderful thing when they get the wrong answer so they feel good about themselves ? So everybody that is not stupid must now go down to the stupid level? This is racism… doesn’t saying that 10% of the population cannot be taught because they are stupid black people sound like racism? What these educators need to do is teach children what they need to get ahead. you know reading , writing , math , and English instead of Marxism and racism. Since when is it the job of the teacher to indoctrinate a child into a radical form of Marxism based on applying racism to everything. This needs to be banned , it is not the job of a teacher to force their ideology onto their students while neglecting their job of teaching what they are supposed to.

    • We need to adjust our expectations …

      Expecting blaqs as a group to be high mental performers is like expecting a team of midgets to win this year’s NBA championship.

  11. Well we now know for sure how Systemic Ignorance got a foothold….and it has now morphed into Systemic Stupidity…which has the full support and backing of the Political Pornographers in the corrupted Main sewer Stream fake Media…

  12. So, what is it if someone demands I call a person that gave birth to a child a “mother” instead of some BS leftist made up term?

  13. I remember have a former football player come to work in a treatment facility doing clinical work. He wrote clinical notes in Ebonics and eventually the other clinicians had to transcribe his notes because he couldn’t write in APA format.. Luckily he lost interest and quit. But it was very telling that a college allowed him to graduate with such substandard communication skills.

  14. This isn’t new. My woke professors at the University of Florida teacher education program were telling us this 20 years ago, and we were expected to bring this thinking into our classrooms, de-emphasizing correct grammar and empowering POC who spoke differently than we.

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