The latest on claims against the Georgia 2020 election


There isn’t anything obvious going on in Georgia right now that will change the election, although John Fredericks is talking about de-certifying.

The 100,000 plus removed from the voter rolls aren’t people who voted illegally. It’s a mundane process really. They’re the usual change of addresses, people who probably moved, people who haven’t voted in five years or died. There’s nothing there to get excited about.


Then we have the Fulton County, Georgia absentee ballot lawsuit case. It was mostly a loss, and probably a complete loss. The suit requested a “deep audit.”

The judge gutted the lawsuit.

The judge on Thursday allowed two counts in the lawsuit to proceed, saying his previous order mandating the county produce digital images of absentee ballots and election records would stand. But an attorney for the Fulton County elections board told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he would soon file to have the full case dismissed, saying Amero’s decision effectively undercuts the entire case.

“That litigation is finished,” lawyer Don Samuel told a number of outlets. “Is there going to be an audit? Not right now. … There’s no discovery permitted. There’s no lawsuit pending anymore.”

Galrand Favorito, the lead plaintiff in the suit, told the Journal-Constitution the ruling was a win, saying he would submit plans for a ballot inspection next week in line with Amero’s past rulings.

The votes have been counted three times, including a hand recount. Unfortunately, the copies of ballots were too poor for an audit, the court found.

On the other hand, John Fredericks says they are looking to de-certify the election for president and Jon Ossoff.


Unfortunately, the fraud, which we do believe occurred, probably happened before the election. We don’t know if it would have overturned the election because the media and politicians were successful in making Donald Trump a hated figure. Plus, the highly-populated states of California and New York alone are so far-left, they would only vote for the furthest left candidate.

Having worked the polls, I know mail-in voting, without any ID, is not a secure system. Ballot Harvesting is even worse. On top of that, being allowed to continuously bring in ballots for days from unsecured droboxes, some without a chain of custody, is calling out to corrupt the vote.

There is no way to go back and check that. You can look at the irregularities but it appears the courts will not accept that as proof.

We’ll see what happens with the de-ertification.

Correction: We added the John Fredericks tape after publication.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Everyone has the official Political Pornographers, the MSM, to thank for this …and the covid debacle…