Professor’s open letter to ‘My Fellow Americans’



by Professor Gennady Shkliarevsky

Fellow Americans,

Look at the front page of the New York Times.  It screams about depression and paralysis in the United States.  It announces that the coronavirus recession is in full swing.

It is a war, folks, a war on America.  This war is not with some foreign power; it is not a war among Americans.  It is a war that American elites wage on American people.

This is a very trying period in the history of this country and the world.  There is a worldwide transition from political rule by elites to a more open and more democratic political order.  The causes of this transition are due to the enormous progress that this country and the entire world have made in the last several decades.  The changes that have taken and continue to take place in our economy, technology, and society make elite rule that dominated our civilization impossible.  They require changes in our practice.  We can no longer rely on decisions of the few.  We need the creative input from all people.  In other words, our new practice should be universally inclusive and empowering.

Elites do not understand the true implications of these changes or, rather, they do not want to understand these implications because they mean the elites should abandon their exclusive rule.  They cannot comprehend how the world can function without them in the dominant position.  They believe that they must save people from themselves.

This belief guides their actions.  Their strategy becomes increasingly obvious.  It is the strategy to divide and rule.  They try to divide us, isolate us from each other, and then rule over this aggregation of isolated individuals.

They use the epidemic of coronavirus as a pretext to achieve this goal.  This strategy is not new.  The elites embarked on this path long time ago but particularly intensified their efforts with the election of Donald Trump.  This strategy tries to destroy human bonds among Americans.  It targets the most basic unit of our society.  They try to undermine the family.  The strategy of the elites has also targeted our social unity and our faith in God that is the bedrock on which this country stands.  This tendency that has become particularly pronounced since the election of Donald Trump.  Remember their battle cry “not my president,” “Orange Man bad,” “deplorables,” and much else.  They used them to divide our nation and create hostility among Americans.  The Russiagate, the Mueller probe, the impeachment hoax—all these had one goal to turn our society into an aggregation of isolated human atoms.

The elites pursue the same policy in this current crisis.  They use the corona epidemic to sow discord among Americans.  They have turned this epidemic into a pandemic.  Their goal is to bring this country to a halt, to paralyze it, and then blame it on President Trump.  They literally created the current economic and social paralysis and now they demand funding by the federal government to sustain this paralysis at taxpayers’ expense.

They closed schools, colleges, and universities, which paralyzed our educational system.  They sent students home.  They claim that their actions are to stop the spread of the virus.  Like hell it will!  Young people flock to game centers, rather then spend the next four months in isolated seclusion.  They go to the beaches of Florida (Miami had to close it beaches) where they shake hands, exchange kisses and body fluids.  The prevention of the spread of the virus is not on the mind of those who have designed and implement this policy.  Their goal is political—to bring more paralysis and disruption to our society.  Governors and other state officials who are part of the Deep State promoted this policy.  Educational leaders support and implement it, again at the expense of the people at the bottom of the food chain.  Administrators of colleges and university in 45 states where school closure is mandated are no giving back to students the unused portion of tuition plus room and board.  They steal it.

What should common Americans do in the face of this threat?  How are they to counter this coordinated assault by the elites?

Common Americans are the blood flow of our society.  They are the ones who make it work.  They serve you a cup of coffee and donut in the morning on your way to work.  They deliver food to stores and put it on shelves where customers pick it up.  They keep our streets safe and repair our roads.  They are the lifeline of America.  We have to keep on doing this and bring normalcy to our society.  They must come together for the sake of each other and our country as a whole.  They must rally around President Trump who is doing everything possible to make America work.  He is without a doubt a true American hero who stands up for America in this trying period.  We must help him in his hard work and we must demand that those who are trying to destroy this country for the sake of their selfish political goals be punished to the full extent of the law.  They must redeem all the damage they have inflicted on America.


Gennady Shkliarevsky is Professor Emeritus of History at Bard College, specializing in Russian and Soviet History. He is a published author.

Opinion pieces express the views of the authors and not necessarily the Sentinel.


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The Bishop Of Battle
The Bishop Of Battle
3 years ago

EPIC! Well played, Sir. Wake up as many as you can to the fact that the “elites” hate our guts and want us gone from their playground earth.
The war has been going on for decades but only now are people waking up.
The Trumpster made them drop the mask and reveal themselves because he is doing God’s work at the hour of chaos.
Make no mistake about it, China is the control model they want for the world.
A new global Soviet serf colony managed by “bio-ethicists” (herd managers) and other so called experts.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

This is a fine article. It’s a war on America, and most Americans have not figure this out. They have appealed to people’s survival instinct to cause a panic and financial takedown. The elites seem to have lots of options to damage the world, thanks to the media.

This virus is a cold virus.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

What a “crock”…Same as revolution…all that ever happens is the “bottom” becomes the “top”…and self styled, self important people like this “nut job” lust for the newly opened up “elitist” positions to which their “egos” convince them that they are absolutely “deserving”…

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago
Reply to  John Vieira

Isn’t the task at hand to stop this panic caused by the elites?