Maddow, WaPo columnist demand press take President’s briefings off the air


Every press conference with the President is marred by reporters asking gotcha questions and launching gratuitous insults. They’re really brutal. MSNBC, NBC, and CNN are arguably the worst, but others aren’t far behind.

The NY Times and the Washington Post constantly attack him and have no problem lying or misrepresenting the President in their reporting.

Columnist Margaret Sullivan, the former NY Times public editor and now Washington Post columnist, wrote an article today titled, The media must stop live-broadcasting Trump’s dangerous, destructive coronavirus briefings.

The tyrant is serious.

To her, he is “spreading disinformation,” “doing harm,” and “holding campaign rallies.” She says nothing about former vice president Biden who can’t even hold a campaign rally without some serious lapse. They want to level the playing field.

Both newspapers that employed her took an active part in the Russia-Trump collusion hoax. The manufactured hoaxes didn’t work and their candidate can’t speak so she wants to silence the President. What country do we live in? Is this Russia?

Then along comes the MSNBC conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, who used her show to demand censorship of the President.

“I know we ought to be getting used to this kind of thing by now, but I’m not. President Trump today, again, just flat-out wrong in public about this malaria drug that has gotten stuck in his mind, quite some distance from the facts,” Maddow said on her show.

“If the president does end up saying anything true, you can run it as tape but if he keeps lying like this every day on stuff this important, all of us should stop broadcasting it. Honestly, it’s gonna cost lives,” she added on the program.

The President did not lie about the malaria drug, chloroquine. It can be and is used for coronavirus off-label. The results have been promising. The FDA is currently reviewing it for use on-label.

The President can’t even offer some hope to Americans without the media viciously assaulting him. All the President did was offer an opinion. He clearly stated that it was not FDA-approved for coronavirus. All he said was there was hope.

The left wants to control all your information. They will decide what you are allowed to see and hear. They will decide what you will think.

We don’t need the media filtering the news for us. We’re all grown up and can decide for ourselves.

Correction: The headline read NY Times instead of WaPo. We apologize for the error.



  1. The members of the Main Sewer Stream Media “cast” should consider doing the world a favour and remove themselves from the scene – COMPLETELY. Maybe Maddow, that “useless as tits on a bull” mad cow Russian ‘provocateur’, should do a little reading…the French HAVE claimed great success with the use of anti – malarial drugs…and India HAS listed a combination of drugs they used successfully…in the Corona virus affair…

  2. Then what will they have to talk about? The latest who’s doing who from the RED rat’s nest of Hollywood?
    Only dullards care about such pablum and entertainment gets boring after a while.
    The best video game and movie is going on right now and it is called life.
    Would you believe that Madcow was once beautiful? My jaw dropped when I saw here younger days photos as a beautiful blonde.

  3. Yeah, let’s keep President Trump from directly getting his message out to the citizens so they can hear his words for themselves and instead tell people what we want them to believe he said.
    Sounds like a coup to me.

  4. So what else is new? They will never change, even as they go down in a ball of fire! So tired of their rhetoric that I go outside and do, YARD WORK! Hmmm- – – –

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