Prof’s under assault for offending WOKES with Laurence Olivier’s Othello


A highly respected Chinese-American professor of music composition is suspended from teaching after the WOKE mob demanded it. The professor is a survivor of the cultural revolution.

University of Michigan Prof. Bright Sheng is under investigation for the newly-created crime of offending his “woke” students by playing the classic 1965 British film “Othello” and not showing enough remorse.

The truly remarkable movie had Laurence Olivier in the starring role because he was an incredible actor. As was common, he was made up to look black since he was white. The offended WOKES claim he was in blackface.

According to the university’s student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, on Sept. 10th, the professor played the film for an undergraduate composition class specifically “focused on analyzing Shakespeare’s works.”

The pearl-clutchers in the class went bonkers when they realized he was in costume.

“I was stunned. In such a school that preaches diversity and making sure that they understand the history of POC (people of color) in America, I was shocked that (Sheng) would show something like this is something that’s supposed to be a safe space,” one student, a white girl named Olivia Cook, later told The Daily.

Sheng, who has slews of honors to his name immediately apologized after class with a quick email in which he reportedly admitted that the film “was racially insensitive and outdated.”

So what? It wasn’t being shown to offend anyone or insult anyone.

Five days later, Department of Composition chair Prof. Evan Chambers issued a department-wide email accusing Sheng of violating the school’s “commitment to anti-racist action, diversity, equity and inclusion” and announcing that he’d reported the incident to the school’s Orwellian Office of Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX.

The following day, Sheng responded with an official, formal apology.

In his apology, he pointed out the numerous past occasions in which he’s worked with minorities and vowed that he’d “never thought [of himself as] being discriminating against any race.”

That somehow infuriated the mean mob who felt he wasn’t contrite enough. They then demanded his removal.

These are nasty, self-important people who are still out to get him. Some of his own colleagues have joined the vile mob. The only people worse than the mob are the cowardly administrators and colleagues supporting them.

At worst, this might look dated to us today. Olivier is not in blackface, he was in costume. Apparently, we aren’t allowed to have white actors playing black character, and this movie has to be stripped from history. Olivier was the leading Shakespearean actor of his time. This is absurd and it’s all the result of vicious people who think they have the right to destroy others if it hurts their pathetic little feelings.

Watch unless you’re WOKE, then go to your safe place:

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