Progressive Admin Tells Dangerous Illegal Aliens How to Get Into the US


Title 42 ends on Wednesday, May 10. US border states are preparing for a massive invasion of the United States. Biden and his progressive administration want this obviously. They instructed illegal aliens where not to cross so they can get into the country.

The Border Patrol agents are reportedly angry that the Biden regime gave dangerous illegal aliens a heads-up on what entry points to avoid.

Bill Melugin reported in a series of tweets that “it’s puzzling that DHS would announce this publicly via a press release which essentially gives these evaders/gotaways a heads up that they are coming. Already hearing from frustrated Border Patrol agents saying the operation will now be worthless.”

It’s really not that puzzling since criminals are an important voting bloc for progressives, the Biden Democrats.

Up to a million people are waiting to rush the borders in two days and that is only the beginning.

The notice the Bidenistas sent out was very specific and helpful to the worst of the worst.

The Border Patrol expressed their displeasure.

This administration hates you and me. They will take hardened foreign criminals over you. This invasion dilutes America’s traditions, values, culture and votes to nothing. That is clearly what they want.

What additional proof do you need?

The Constitution is clear on protecting the borders. Our politicians aren’t doing it. Yet, they are still in office.

There is no United States. Half the country voted to destroy us. We’re watching it in real time, and so few care.


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Save America
Save America
6 months ago

M. Dowling saw this coming years ago.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

I just watched a video that says white Americans must act now while they are still the majority. ( I think it is not even 60 % )

I am not so sure they are still the majority…the last census is already a couple years old and every year many millions of illegals enter the USA.

And illegals do not usually answer census questions so who really knows how many are in the USA?

It is almost certain there are more than we are told there is.

I also read an article that says that now that title 42 is over, the expected number of illegals per month will be at least 300,000 that is close to 4 Million per year.

Americans, if they really are still a majority right now, will not be for long.

( and a few years after that Canada will go trough the same horror…our liberals are as mentally ill as yours )

Our liberal leaders have betrayed us, have stabbed us in the back.