Gov. Newsom’s Reparations Panel Recommends $1.2M for Each Black Resident


California Governor Gavin Newsom has been noticeably silent after a task force recommended the state pay black residents up to $1.2 million each for reparations. The task force was formed from legislation championed by Newsom in 2020.

Newsom, who wants to be president, can’t win on this issue. The California budget deficit hit $22.5 billion last year, with the potential of this proposal making the problem unsustainable.

They Want $1.2M Apiece

The California Reparations Task Force has approved economic models for calculating reparations which could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars owed to eligible Black residents to address past racial inequities.

The models allegedly tell the state what is owed. Task force members said the Legislature would have to adopt the recommendations and decide how much to pay.

The state-appointed task force also unanimously recommended California formally apologize “for the perpetration of gross human rights violations and crimes against humanity and African slaves and their descendants.”

California was not a slave state. No one alive today enslaved anyone, and the prospective recipients were never enslaved. This is a huge redistribution of wealth for no reason other than a politics of envy, greed, and pandering.

Rep. Barbara Lee, a Democrat from Oakland, said at the beginning of the task force meeting that the United States must repair the damage done to Black Americans.

“Reparations are not a luxury, but a human right long overdue for millions of Americans,” she said. “We are demanding that the government pay their tax.”

The whole thing is a hard-left scam.

Since Indian Americans do so well, maybe they should pay the $1.2M. [facetiousness here.]

As John Hawkins writes on substack, they make a lot more here than they would have in Africa:

Now, what’s the per capita income in:
  • Angola: $1953
  • Cameroon: $1666
  • Congo: $2,290
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo: $577
  • Gabon: $8,635
  • Gambia: $772
  • Ghana: $2,333
  • Guinea-Bissau: $795
  • Mali: $873
  • Nigeria: $2,065
  • Senegal: $1,636

My ancestors fought and died in the Civil War. They paid for me. My husband’s family came from Austria long after slavery ended. They owe nothing.

Stop whining, fake victims. The slavers in Africa were black. Your beef is more with them.

As Thomas Sowell said, “If you were to give reparations to everyone whose ancestors had been slaves, I suspect that you would have to give reparations to more than half the population of the globe. Slavery was not confined to one set of races.”

As Dr. Malone says, get out of California:

The notes on this next one aren’t helpful. They miss the point. Making everyone pay for what was done in the past to anonymous people is a ridiculous scam.

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