Progressive UC Berkeley Hates Jews


UC Berkeley hates Jews. The university endorsed a plan to give extra credit to students who attend the anti-Israel rallies.

When a student named Victoria Hunyah sent out a flyer explaining the rally was intended to support Gazza (Hamas) and was to oppose genocide and settler colonialism, some were outraged.

Sather Gate, Berkeley, CA, USA – August 19, 2008

She sent her flyer, which you can see below, to the students enrolled in the Asian American communities and race relations course.

Hunyah began by saying, cheerily “Hi, everyone; we’re offering a field trip and or extra credit opportunity.”

This “field trip” coming so soon after a genocidal attack on Israel is clearly a pro-Hamas rally. In fact, the Palestinian rallies are generally tied to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran.

After some backlash, the university still didn’t eliminate the rally. Instead, they expanded the extra credit to other local events and any documentary they wished to attend about the Middle East.

In a statement, the school officials said, “Students can now attend any local event they wish, such as a book talk or a panel discussion related to the courses’ subject, including the protest… or they can watch any documentary they wish about the Middle East. As soon as the administration was made aware of the assignment, it moved quickly to ensure that it would be changed. The situation has been remedied, but the assignment has been changed, and there are now a number of options for extra credit, not just one.”

As soon as they became aware is the moment they endorsed it in the first place. And, the remedy is to EXPAND IT?

Do you feel the situation was remedied? Would you say that Jewish students are safe on this campus?

This university supports terrorists. Terrorists have successfully latched on to the progressive movement.


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