WTH! German University Students Call for Installing Glory Holes


Students at the University of Augsburg in Germany voted on whether to allow glory holes for anonymous sex in public toilets. Glory holes are usually holes in the wall so people can have sex through the toilet stalls, and it’s usually for gay men.

The proposal led to a heated discussion at a student convention that went on for about an hour.

Public toilet, restroom

”Three glory holes are to be built in the lecture hall center opposite the entrance where the information boards are currently located,” the application text said, noting that the cabin should be soundproof and opaque.

Some Christian students objected. They argued in an open letter to the university president that “the glory holes would not only inappropriate but also highly scandalous and unacceptable.”

While some in attendance wanted the glory holes, the conclusion was that the suggestion should be viewed as a” joke proposal.”

The university stated that they do not evaluate the agendas of the student convention, and they don’t make statements about them.

But a university employee said, “The applicants are so WOKE, they don’t mean it as a joke.”

The reasons for the Glory Holes are that “it would contribute to the diversification on campus, as kink could also be experienced and lived at the university,” the application stated.

“Sex can be a relaxing activity which can be very useful in the stressful everyday university life. The associated stress reduction would ensure a more positive working atmosphere on campus.”

Another item on the agenda that day was a memorial for a cat named Leon, who died.

Sorry to hear about Leon, but about the other, how much lower will society sink? Then, when they get HIV or some other horrific illness, they’ll come crying.

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