Progressives Cheer Sending the Hero to Prison as a Witness Praises Him for “Saving a Lot of Lives”


Daniel Penny, a veteran and college student, stepped in to save passengers who were being terrorized by Jordan Neely, a mentally ill homeless man with a long rap sheet. Mr. Penny and two others whold helped hold Mr. Neely down, intended only to subdue him. Mr. Penny held him in a headlock and after a period of two to three minutes. Jordan Neely went unconscious and later died. The death was ruled a homicide. There are no reports on his toxicological exam, but he was a regular abuser of K2. Mr. Neely was on a list of the 50 alarming homeless people riding the train.

Daniel Penny heroically tried to protect the passengers and now faces up to fifteen years in prison.


A retiree who has lived in New York City for over fifty years and witnessed the tragic event, said Mr. Penny is a hero.

The passenger said she was grateful to Mr. Penny, who never meant to hurt Mr. Neely, only to save the passengers. She is one of at least three who have spoken publicly on Mr. Penny’s behalf.

“He’s a hero,” the retiree stated unequivocally. Speaking to Fox News Digital, she emphasized that charging Penny with second-degree manslaughter was unjust. “It was self-defense, and I believe in my heart that he saved a lot of people that day that could have gotten hurt,” she added. The witness, who identified herself as a woman of color, highlighted the fear experienced by those present on the train. “The people on that train, we were scared. We were scared for our lives,” she said.

The retiree said, “Why in the world would you take a bullet? Why? You don’t take a bullet because you’ve snatched something from somebody’s hand. You take a bullet for violence.” She explained that Penny intervened when Mr. Neely began using alarming language involving killing and bullets. “Mr. Penny cared for people. That’s what he did. That is his crime,” she insisted.

She continued. “This isn’t about race. This is about people of all colors who were very, very afraid and a man who stepped in to help them,” she said. “Nobody wants to kill anybody. Mr. Penny didn’t want to kill that man.”

“You should have seen the way Mr. Penny looked. He was distraught. He was very, very, very visibly distressed. And he didn’t go. He didn’t run. He stayed,” she revealed.

“It took three men to hold Mr. Neely down. He was struggling,” she recalled.

Alvin Bragg Arrested and Charged Mr. Penny!

Alvin Bragg filed the 2nd-degree manslaughter charges against Mr. Penny after Mr. Neely died.

Al Sharpton and his fellow racial arsonists, including the corrupt media, are calling for punishment for the hero who saved strangers on a train. Sharpton was in rare form. He’s not happy that the hero who stepped in to save people was allowed to go home that night. He wants everyone who helped to keep Jordan Neely from hurting anyone punished.

This was Sharpton’s opportunity to grandstand. Sharpton’s an old hand at ruining lives, ala Tawana Brawley.

Because Mr. Neely was mentally ill, does that mean he can terrorize innocent people? Where was the family when he was arrested 42 times?

It’s not the city that holds primary responsibility. Neely’s family has primary responsibility.

Mr. Penny faces five to fifteen years in prison for his heroism.

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