Project Veritas Judge Requires Jury to Come Up with Damages Against Them


A jury found that Project Veritas must pay a far-left Democrat consulting firm, Democracy Partners, $120,000 for undercover journalism.

On Thursday, a federal jury in Washington found Project Veritas liable for targeting Democracy Partners, Reuters reported.

Democracy Partners said in its suit that a Project Veritas operative named Allison Maass infiltrated the firm during the 2016 presidential campaign by lying about her name and background to get an internship. While working there, Maass secretly recorded video and audio of Democracy Partners members to embarrass the firm, according to the complaint.

Democracy Partners and co-founder Robert Creamer said Project Veritas used “heavily edited” footage in videos that falsely suggested the Democratic firm conspired to incite violence and schemed to promote voter fraud.

Creamer was a Hillary Clinton operative. He allegedly organized many of the dirty tricks when she ran for office. For example, Creamer’s group arranged to have two progressives go to CPAC and hand out Russian flags. On cue, the media reported it as if it was a real story and CPAC attendees supported Russia.

Creamer allegedly arranged for the guy in a Donald Duck costume to stalk Donald Trump to diminish Trump in stature.

To make matters worse, the jury returned twice with no damages for Democracy Partners because they couldn’t agree, but the judge made them go back until they came up with a figure. They agreed on $120,000.

It’s being appealed. Project Veritas engaged in undercover journalism, not spying as the far-left Creamer claimed. Last we heard, it was protected under the 1st Amendment.


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Bob MacGuffie
Bob MacGuffie
1 year ago

Don’t EVER give up, James. We will prevail in this historic Crisis and struggle!

1 year ago

The First Amendment means nothing to Democrats and those who would commit Treason against The People. The First Amendment was specifically to protect real Journalist from retribution for exposing Government treachery against the people. Just because a non-government group commits the treachery for the Government or in this case an Political candidate doesn’t mean they are immune from being exposed.

If the Jury had half a brain they would have agreed to $1 the first time, but I’m willing to bet there was just one Jury Member holding out for damages. The Judge should be impeached!