Project Veritas Sues O’Keefe Demanding His Silence & Banning From Journalist


Project Veritas has sued James O’Keefe, stating he was not fired and has not fulfilled his obligations. According to them,  Mr. O’Keefe did not have had the right to start his own company and poach employees. Allegedly, he was only fired two weeks ago, and remained under contract.

James O’Keefe will appear with Tim Pool on Timcast this evening to address the accusations.

The outlet filed a complaint against O’Keefe in federal court in the southern district of New York.

“Being known as the founder of an organization does not entitle that person to run amok and put his own interests ahead of that organization,” the suit states.

PV claims in the suit that he stole protected material when he left.

At the new company, O’Keefe allegedly used donor lists, contact information, equipment, and material already filmed by Project Veritas that had been rebranded, the suit states.

He also allegedly solicited numerous Project Veritas employees to work at his new media venture, which is located in the same Long Island, New York, town as Project Veritas.


Basically, Project Veritas wants to silence him as an undercover reporter. That’s the deal killer for me supporting them. Is that constitutional?

They probably aren’t doing well. They beg for money from me several times a week, sometimes several times a day.

I doubt O’Keefe went ahead without checking with his attorneys. PV says all the character assassination is by O’Keefe. That is dishonest. They made it public immediately.


Veritas didn’t stop at allegations against O’Keefe, however, stating that his right-hand man RC Maxwell and Anthony Iatropoulos “breached their own contracts” by going to work with O’Keefe after he was forced out of his own company.

“The suit claims that O’Keefe violated his contract by not keeping confidential that information he knew about Veritas’ business and investigative operations, that he behaved “unprofessionally during team meetings,” and has “targeted female employees with mean-spirited comments about personal situations like pregnancies,” The Post Millennial reports.

Veritas claims O’Keefe had “strained” relationships with donors, that employees saw “obscene” messages between O’Keefe and others when they access his phone, and that there was “financial misconduct,” including using his business card for personal expenses.

PV is seeking a jury trial in corrupt New York where they hate James O’Keefe. Nice going PV.

PV might just destroy James O’Keefe and themselves. O’Keefe probably doesn’t have the money they think he has to pay them off so they will accomplish nothing more than utter destruction, but I could be wrong.


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

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8 months ago

Yes, Hide the truth!

Not a Good Look, Project Veritas
Not a Good Look, Project Veritas
8 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

I’ve never understood how brilliant people start a great new company and then get booted out of it. Steve Jobs at Apple. O’Keefe at Project Veritas. I’ve read that Zuckerberg has very strong protections at Meta/Facebook. But if I was incorporating my own company, my life’s work, I would build-in bylaws that I, the founder, can not be removed or demoted in my own company. The Board answers to me, the Founder. And the company name belongs to me. They use it with my permission, renewed annually. All changes to the bylaws must be approved by the Founder. If I choose to sell or leave, then I will modify the bylaws to allow it. Otherwise, if anyone is leaving, we’ll miss you.

8 months ago

The Corporation is a very flawed entity. It creates a situation where no one is really In Charge or Responsible.