Prominent Crazies Discuss Deconstructing Racist Highways


In the clip below, activist reporter April Ryan questions Pothole Pete Buttigieg about the racist roadways in New York. Acting as if this is a thing, Pothole Pete can’t wait to reconnect the black neighborhoods to the major highways using federal taxpayer dollars. The only problem is it’s not true.

I am in New York and Black people are in every town and as for Black neighborhoods, all are connected to major highways and easy to get to by bus, car, train.

This is a complete fraud, but watch as these two ridiculous people act as if these neighborhoods are isolated.

The only reason that people don’t want to open businesses in some of these neighborhoods is the high crime rate.


Pothole Pete should go back on leave:

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6 months ago

In Houston the extension and improvements of the 45 was stopped by Butthole Pete and now billions are expected to be appropriated to somehow build a new Interstate into downtown Houston. These people are beyond crazy. The only purpose this money should be to build asylums where they can be treated and lobotomized.

Fun on the Autobahn
Fun on the Autobahn
6 months ago

The interstate was made to move armies and is a construct of the white male patriarchy.
We should tear them up and return to horse and buggy in order to save the environment.
We could all ride skateboards with Peto and Beto and maybe even attach a motor to the board that is unicorn flatulence or solar powered!

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
6 months ago

Pete Buttjudge gives homosexuals a bad name.