Prominent Democrat Candidate Backs Out of the Race Over Sexual Harassment Claims


A very prominent Democratic candidate for the U.S. House from Kansas, Andrea Ramsey, ended her campaign Friday after allegations she sexually harassed a male subordinate more than ten years ago.

Ms. Ramsey said she didn’t even know there was a settlement in the case. Having dealt with petty lawsuits like this I can tell you that happens. The settlements usually small and it’s meant to end the problem, the expense, and the bad publicity.

The Kansas City Star first reported Ramsey’s decision, referencing a 2006 settlement made between LabOne – where Ramsey was executive vice president of human resources – and Gary Funkhouser, the worker who filed a lawsuit.

Funkhouser claimed she sexually harassed him and then retaliated when he turned her down.

“After I told her I was not interested in having a sexual relationship with her, she stopped talking to me,” Funkhouser wrote in the complaint.  “In the office she completely ignored me and avoided having any contact with me.”

Ramsey said the dismissal was not retaliatory.

“Had those allegations, those false allegations, been brought against me directly instead of the company I would have fought to exonerate my name. I never would’ve settled,” Ramsey told the Star. “And I would have sued the disgruntled, vindictive employee for defamation.”

In one respect, it’s good to see a woman facing the firing squad for a change. I thought we women were going to have to hate all men given the way the men have been picked doff on a daily basis.

On the other hand, this is more than a decade old, she did not have due process, and she says she didn’t even know there was a settlement. This is getting ridiculous.

People gossip, exaggerate, and just plain lie. That’s why we need the rule of law. No one’s career – including a Democrat’s – should ever come to an end over an unproven accusation. This is nuts. Let’s go back to due process.

Many believe this is the Democrats clearing the deck so they can attack Trump on accusations against him. Whatever the reason, it has to stop.

The Lynch mob continues to roam, looking for new victims or guilty parties, without ever having to prove a thing.

False accusers should have to pay up or go to jail but nothing seems to happen to them, at least not in the case of prominent people who are their victims.

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